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Laser directed energy weapons technology breakthroughs enable them to be deployed on Trucks, Warships and Airplanes

The Laser Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) offer a transformational ‘game changer’ to counter asymmetric and disruptive threats, while facing increasingly sophisticated traditional challenges. Laser technology provides major advantages for military applications over kinetic weapons due to High precision and rapid on-target effect, precise and scalable effects,  avoidance of collateral damage …

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Image compression systems becoming essential components on board satellites

Remote sensing of the environment, and especially Earth observation, is witnessing an explosion in terms of volume of available observations, which offer unprecedented capabilities towards the global-scale monitoring of natural and artificial processes.   Satellite imaging payloads, mostly operate a store-and-forward mechanism, whereby the captured images are stored on board …

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Multi domain Operations require platforms which can readily observe and communicate across the space, air, ground and surface domains

The emerging battlefield is a multi-domain battlefield which shall include all the traditional domains of land, air and sea as well as Cyber, Space, Low Intensity conflicts, Information warfare including Psychological warfare and cognitive warfare shall be exploited by our adversaries simultaneously or in any desired combinations.   The response …

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DARPA’s ELM developing Living Structural Materials for self growing & self repairable smart buildings and smart military bases on demand

The cities of today are built with concrete and steel between they are responsible for as much as a tenth of worldwide carbon emissions. Before they ever reach a construction site, both steel and concrete must be processed at very high temperatures – which take a lot of energy. And …

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Next Robot revolution are robots with smart skin that can touch and feel

Robots have already become an indispensable part of our lives. Robots have revolutionized auto manufacturing, making plants safer and products more reliable — and reducing the number of people involved in the process. However, even inside a modern auto plant, robots have not been able to  replace the human touch …

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New radiation detecting technologies and materials being developed in response to threat of Dirty Bombs and Nuclear accidents

Recently a secret group of fewer than 10 people in undercover congressional operation was easily able to buy the raw ingredients for a dirty bomb in US. This has set off alarms among some lawmakers and officials in Washington about risks that terrorists inside the United States could undertake a …

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Militaries giving thrust to Biofuels as part of renewable drive and for cheap super-fuel for missiles and hypersonic planes

Biofuels are regarded as promising alternative to satisfy growing energy demands. Biomass derived biodiesel and bioethanol can be successfully utilized in modem vehicle engines with little or no modifications and thus contribute to lower combustion emissions in comparison to the former. Adequate production not only serves as long term replacement …

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Militaries develop Morphing military Wings and Aircrafts to provide optimal performance in reconnaissance to bombing missions

The design of aerodynamic airfoils is optimized for certain conditions. For instance, the shape of the wings of fixed-wing aircrafts are designed and optimized for a certain flight condition (in terms of altitude, speed, aircraft weight, etc.). However, these flight conditions vary significantly during the flight. Currently, aircraft are provided …

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Augmented reality displays moving towards smart contact lenses to enable vision of invisible computing

Smart glasses refer to wearable computing devices that add information to what the user sees. These devices function in a way similar to mobile phones and tablets and have the ability of processing and implementing various programs and applications. A majority of the smart glasses currently used in the market …

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Micro and Nano UAVs technologies enable them to be employed with armies in battlefield

Militaries are now employing Micro, Mini & Nano UAVs into their operations. They provide situational awareness to a small group of soldiers by flying several stories above them for 10-20 minutes at a time before placed back into a pocket to recharge. These will be used to carry out tasks …

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