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Drone Delivery of CBNRECy- DEW Weapons: Emerging Threats of Mini- Weapons of Mass Destruction and Disruption ( WMDD)   

    Randall K Nichols, DTM NIST PSCR UAS 3.3 Technical Lead – Cyber Challenge ASSURE44 KSU UAS – Cybersecurity Technical Lead   Managing Editor / Co-author:   Drone Delivery of CBNRECy- DEW Weapons: Emerging Threats of Mini- Weapons of Mass Destruction and Disruption ( WMDD)     Available Now as …

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Ultra-High Temperature Materials (UHTM & UHTC) critical for Jet Engines, Space planes and Hypersonic Missiles

There is growing interest in developing ultrahigh temperature materials (UHTM). These are materials with a temperature capability greater than 1650 °C and able to withstand extreme erosive/corrosive environments. Interest in high-temperature ceramic phases has been growing in recent years, with significant ongoing research programmes in many countries across the world. …

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Missile RF seekers being improved through Electronically steering, millimeter wave seekers, and Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) technology

In recent years, precision guided weapons play more and more important role in modern war. One of the greatest strengths of a precision strike missile is a reduction in the number of aircraft sorties required to destroy a target. One of the key contributors to the missile accuracy, lethality, and …

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Rising Advanced Rocket and Missile Propulsion Systems market driven by space tourism , exploration and military missions

A missile refers to a weapon propelled by its own power device, and its flight is controlled by a control system and directed to a target, while a rocket is an aircraft propelled by the reaction force generated by a rocket engine.   A rocket is defined as a technologically …

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Emerging ultrashort pulse laser (USPL) or Femtosecond laser directed energy weapons (DEW)

The Laser Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) offer a transformational ‘game changer’ to counter asymmetric and disruptive threats, while facing increasingly sophisticated traditional challenges. Laser technology provides major advantages for military applications over kinetic weapons due to High precision and rapid on-target effect, precise and scalable effects,  avoidance of collateral damage …

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North Korea perfecting ICBM capable to deliver a nuclear weapon anywhere in the United States, driving US to enhance its Ground-Based Midcourse Missile Defense (GMD)

Throughout 2017, North Korea tested several missiles demonstrating the rapid advances in its military technology. The Hwasong-12 was thought to be able to reach as far as 4,500km (2,800 miles), putting US military bases on the Pacific island of Guam well within striking distance.   Later, the Hwasong-14 demonstrated even …

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Ion beam accelerator for nuclear device characterization, detection of contraband materials, and Directed energy weapons

Ion beam accelerators are machines providing kinetic energy to charged particles called ions, which bombard the target sample – the material to be irradiated and subsequently analyzed. The target can be a thin foil or a piece of mineral, rubber, textile, tissue, soil or metal. The sample can be an …

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