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The Importance of Product Testing: Ensuring Quality and Customer Satisfaction

In today’s competitive marketplace, the success of a product depends not only on its innovative features or attractive design but also on its quality and ability to satisfy customer needs. Product testing plays a crucial role in ensuring that a product meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and functionality. …

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Satellite Radio frequency allocation and regulation

Electromagnetic energy travels in waves and spans a broad spectrum from very long radio waves to very short gamma rays. The human eye can only detect only a small portion of this spectrum called visible light. A radio detects a different portion of the spectrum, and an x-ray machine uses …

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China emergence as innovation superpower with rapid hi-tech advancements pose security threats

In a world where geopolitical power is increasingly linked to technological advancement, the U.S. has long led its rivals. American companies make some of the world’s fastest computers, deadliest jet fighters, and most capable robots. But China’s growing economy—now the world’s second-largest—and  through huge government investments in technologies-  China is …

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ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems

Within a global economy with enormous and fierce competition, the survival and development of a company depend on its ability to attract customers, make them loyal, and above all, constantly, exceed their expectationss and desires, in order to retain them.   Quality standards provide requirements, specifications, or guidelines that can …

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Cost Estimation in Defense and Aerospace Projects

A project can only come together with all the necessary materials and labor, and those materials and labors cost money. A Cost estimate is a quantified expectation of how many resources are required to complete a project or parts of a project. Such cost estimates are often expressed in currency …

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“Future of Work” demands transformation of learning and development (L&D)

Today’s disruptive working landscape requires organizations to largely restructure the way they are doing work, which has a significant impact on the capabilities business leaders expect from their people.   As technology races ahead, skill gaps have appeared, widened and morphed.  In addition, automation may displace 85 million jobs by …

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Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) automates and manages clinical research studies

Clinical research is medical research involving people. Clinical research is a branch of healthcare science that determines the safety and effectiveness (efficacy) of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens intended for human use. These may be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or for relieving symptoms of a disease. Clinical research …

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Climate change mitigation technologies to avert one of the biggest existential threat

This period is now the warmest in the history of modern civilization. The global surface temperature has increased faster since 1970 than in any other 50-year period over a least the last 2,000 years. For example, temperatures during the most recent decade (2011–2020) exceed those of the most recent multi-century …

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ARPA-E Mission is to enhance the economic and energy security of the United States through the development of energy technologies

ARPA-E, or Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy is a United States government agency tasked with promoting and funding research and development of advanced energy technologies. The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) advances high-potential, high-impact energy technologies that are too early for private-sector investment. ARPA-E awardees are unique because they are developing …

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