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Robots rapidly advancing from assistants, to becoming our close companions to replacing us and merging with us as Robot-human hybrids

A robot, is any automatically operated machine that replaces human effort, though it may not resemble human beings in appearance or perform functions in a humanlike manner. A robot is a machine—especially one programmable by a computer—capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. A robot can be …

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North Korea perfecting ICBM capable to deliver a nuclear weapon anywhere in the United States, driving US to enhance its Ground-Based Midcourse Missile Defense (GMD)

Throughout 2017, North Korea tested several missiles demonstrating the rapid advances in its military technology. The Hwasong-12 was thought to be able to reach as far as 4,500km (2,800 miles), putting US military bases on the Pacific island of Guam well within striking distance.   Later, the Hwasong-14 demonstrated even …

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Climate change is the one of the biggest existential threat, important driver of global conflicts and future wars

Compelling evidence for rapid climate change This period is now the warmest in the history of modern civilization. The global surface temperature has increased faster since 1970 than in any other 50-year period over a least the last 2,000 years. For example, temperatures during the most recent decade (2011–2020) exceed …

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Threat of Biological warfare, Bioterrorism and Bio accidents requires comprehensive Biodefense strategy

Naturally occurring threats such as influenza, Ebola, and Chikungunya are bypassing borders to emerge in nations oceans away, and exact a continued toll. The Pandemic and highly pathogenic influenzas challenge the globe every year and result in the loss of thousands of human and frequently millions of animal lives, respectively. …

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Technology forecasting to help militaries arm, organize and train itself for future conflicts around 2040 to 2050.

The defence and security environment is changing globally over the years in a way that have never been seen before. What we are seeing is that the world has entered an era of intense competition in almost all spheres including geopolitical, economic, military, technology and industry. On one hand, competition is …

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DARPA P3 developing rapid medical countermeasures to pandemics including COVID-19 or corona virus to support military readiness and global stability

Pandemics  may threaten both internal and external national security – the physical threat to U.S. citizens in terms of morbidity and mortality, and the decreased effectiveness of U.S. armed forces in protecting those citizens from external threats.  The economic, political or social turmoil in adversary country is also potential threat. …

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Japan thrusts on indigenous Defense capability and defense cooperation amid security threat from China and North Korea

Japan has replaced North Korea with China as the top security threat to the country, citing Beijing’s growing defense expenditure and strength as well as its expansion of military activities in the region. “The reality is that China is rapidly increasing military spending, and so people can grasp that we need …

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China, North Korea and others developing Super-EMP and other Electromagnetic Weapons, posing serious threat to civil society

The electromagnetic pulse commonly abbreviated as EMP, is a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy caused by the rapid acceleration of charged particles, can be produced by intense solar storms or by a nuclear weapon detonated high in the atmosphere. For example, solar geomagnetic storms (geomagnetic disturbances or GMD) create immediate …

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Media Manipulation strategies and techniques

Media manipulation is a series of related techniques in which partisans create an image or argument that favours their particular interests. Such tactics may include the use of logical fallacies, psychological manipulations, outright deception (disinformation), rhetorical and propaganda techniques, and often involve the suppression of information or points of view …

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Global threat of Asteroid or Meteors striking the Earth causing mass extinction, countries developing new destruction and deflection technologies

Asteroids are the rocky crumbs left over after the formation of the planets in our Solar System. Most are found in a huge ring of space known as the asteroid belt- somewhere between the planets Mars and Jupiter. However, some are found outside the main asteroid belt. Three groups called Atens, …

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