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Military Communications providing reliable, secure exchange of voice and data, command and control and situational awareness data and video

Communication is vital for Warfighters to exchange voice and data, command and control, and situational awareness data and video. The vision of the Communications area is to provide reliable communication from anywhere to everywhere from warfighters to supreme commanders with demanded rate and least latency by exploiting complete electromagnetic spectrum …

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Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunications

Artificial Intelligence technologies aim to develop computers, or robots that match or exceed the abilities of human intelligence in tasks such as learning and adaptation, reasoning and planning, decision-making and autonomy; creativity; extracting knowledge, and making predictions from data. This technology focuses on developing an intelligent machine with advancements in …

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Revolutionizing Satellite Ground Stations with Software-Defined Radios: Advantages and Opportunities

The operation of artificial satellite systems involves three main components: the space segment, user segment, and ground segment. The space segment consists of the satellite or constellation of satellites in orbit, along with the uplink and downlink satellite links. The user segment includes the end-user devices that interact with the …

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Satellite Radio frequency allocation and regulation

Electromagnetic energy travels in waves and spans a broad spectrum from very long radio waves to very short gamma rays. The human eye can only detect only a small portion of this spectrum called visible light. A radio detects a different portion of the spectrum, and an x-ray machine uses …

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Satellite communications payload and transponder testing

Satellite communications systems must cover a diverse set of user requirements in direct broadcast, wireless communications and remote sensing applications for both commercial and government systems. These systems must operate reliably around the clock with multi-decade system longevity. They must be thoroughly tested to ensure a quality of service over …

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DARPA Ouija employing very low- Earth orbit (VLEO) satellite sensors to predict military high-frequency (HF) radio communications

Whether in the field of battle, search-and-rescue or humanitarian aid efforts, the ability to share real-time, networked information between ground, sea and airborne forces is rapidly becoming the defining factor in a mission’s success. However modern  satellite and other  communications systems in higher frequecies are under constant threat from adversaries …

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Connected Vehicles and V2X Vehicle to everything technology

Today 1.35M people die each year in automobile crashes globally; 38,000 in the U.S. alone, the equivalent of two 747s crashing in mid-air every single week. Counterintuitively, despite the COVID-19 pandemic leading to fewer drivers on the roads and a significant reduction in the number of miles driven, the latest …

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From the ground to the skies: How SDRs are shaping the future of military communication

Software Defined Radio (SDR) refers to a radio communication system where most of the traditional radio hardware components, such as filters, amplifiers, and modulators/demodulators, are replaced with software running on a general-purpose computer. In an SDR system, the analog signals received by the antenna are digitized by an analog-to-digital converter …

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Free Space Optical(FSO) or Laser communications for ultrafast secure communications from Mars, Moon, Satellites , Aircrafts, and Ships

Broadband Internet, i.e., high-speed public connectivity with a data transfer rate of at least 256 Kbit/s or more in one or both directions, is unavailable in many places and is becoming one of the most impactful problems in the modern world. In some conditions like dense urban development, where the …

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Satellite Communications technologies and trends

As the world national economies become more global and as all parts of the globe, the oceans, and the atmosphere are exploited by human enterprise, the need for effective wireless interconnection via terrestrial wireless and satellite communications will expand.   Satellites play a crucial role to improve lives in today’s …

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