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US Army doctrine thrust on multi domain operations employing AI to counter A2/AD

Russia and China employ formations and capabilities (lethal and nonlethal) that overmatch those of the U.S. in range and lethality, thus challenging the Army’s ability to conduct operational maneuver, gain positions of relative advantage, and generate close-combat overmatch.   China’s and Russia’s rate of technological optimization will continue to outpace …

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US Army’s “Project Convergence” evaluating technologies, Joint and Multinational interoperability for A2/AD and Multidomain capability

Russia and China have developed sophisticated military capability for A2/AD and Multidomain capability. Anti-Access is defined as any action, activity, or capability, usually long-range, designed to prevent an advancing military force from entering an operational area. Area Denial is defined as action, activity, or capability, usually short-range, designed to limit an …

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Military logistics critical for winning wars, require contested and survivable logistics

Logistics is often referred to as the “sinews of war”, linking forward-deployed units with support elements to ensure they are supplied, maintained and ready for the next operation. There is a saying in military circles – made famous by US Marine General Robert H Barrow – that amateurs study tactics, …

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Army’s Combined Arms Maneuver and Doctrine proving critical for mission success

Reducing the adversary’s capabilities has always been the fundamental objective of any military action. Land maneuver can be defined as the manner in which forces are committed on the battlefield. Combined arms is an approach to warfare that seeks to integrate different combat arms of a military to achieve mutually …

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Active Protection Systems (APS) on Military tanks Detect, Track and Destroy Enemy RPGs and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

The war in Ukraine has highlighted the importance of well protected armoured vehicles. The increased use of artillery weapons and precision rocket systems along with strikes against targets of opportunity using drones,  caused widespread casualties among infantry soldiers caught out in the open. Such losses are again bringing into focus …

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US Army’s Aerial Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (A-ISR) system

The “nervous system” of the military, the collection of subsystems used to maximize situational awareness, is referred to as C4ISR—command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. The primary objective of a C4ISR system is to present the overall scenario and picture of the area of interest (such as a …

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Automotive Alternative Propulsion Market

Currently, most vehicles rely on internal combustion engines for locomotion; however, a significant shift toward partial and complete electrification is likely to emerge as an alternative propulsion system for vehicles. An internal combustion engine system is highly cost-effective and hence, its usage is higher than other propulsion systems. Being a …

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Next-generation In-Vehicle Networking

Advances in automotive design have led to an exponential increase in vehicle electronics. Today’s vehicle design improvements are due in large part to the application of electronics to automotive systems. Vehicle functions are divided into systems and sub-systems to provide for passenger entertainment, comfort, and safety, as well as to …

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Future armored vehicles will have enhanced lethality, survivability, situation awareness, mobility and signature management

The effectiveness of anti-tank weapons used by Ukraine against Russian tanks revives old questions as well as generates new ones about armoured fighting vehicles and their future. Oryx, an open-source site tracking military-equipment losses around the world, has reported that Moscow has lost 5,020 military vehicles since the beginning of its …

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Military Armoured Vehicles Market

Armored vehicles are used for transporting military personnel and cargo and operates in active combat. These include land combat and transportation vehicles used by military land forces for operations. Armored vehicles provide significant strength to a country army and are used in large numbers by military forces around the world. …

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