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Hybrid Propulsion in the Automotive Industry: Paving the Way for Sustainable Mobility

Introduction In an era marked by increasing environmental concerns and the need for sustainable solutions, the automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation. One of the key advancements driving this change is hybrid propulsion technology. Hybrid vehicles combine the benefits of both internal combustion engines (ICE) and electric motors, offering …

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Driving into the Future: Exploring the Latest Radar Technologies Revolutionizing Autonomous Vehicles”

Autonomous vehicles have taken the automotive industry by storm, promising a future where cars navigate themselves, reducing accidents and congestion while enhancing transportation efficiency. These vehicles have the potential to revolutionize transportation, making it safer, more efficient, and more accessible. Autonomous control of a vehicle makes driving safer and comfortable. …

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Revolutionizing Military Operations: Insights from the Maneuver Support, Sustainment, Protection, Integration Experiment (MSSPIX

In the dynamic landscape of modern warfare, staying ahead of the curve is critical for military forces around the world. To ensure a decisive edge on the battlefield, the United States Army is continuously exploring innovative technologies and tactics through a series of cutting-edge experiments. One such groundbreaking initiative is …

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Accelerating Towards the Future: Electric Vehicles Ride the Wave of Exponential Growth

Introduction: The automotive industry is undergoing a transformative shift as electric vehicles (EVs) ride the wave of exponential growth. With lower costs, significant technological advancements, and an increasing focus on environmental sustainability, electric vehicles are revolutionizing the way we think about transportation. In this article, we will explore the factors …

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US Army Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) program advances

Current Ground combat vehicles, especially main battle tanks (MBT) and infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), are the mainstay of technologically superior armies. The combination of firepower, mobility and survivability allows such vehicles to dominate ground military operations. Now militaries are realizing much of the fighting in future conflicts will take place …

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UK Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE)

The Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) is the British Army’s live trial of emerging military technologies and tools – bringing together industry and military experts to test new technology and improve Army capability. “The Army Warfighting Experiment has been and remains the flagship experimentation programme for the British Army. Through AWE …

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Military Logistics digital transformation Processes and technologies

Logistics is often referred to as the “sinews of war”, linking forward-deployed units with support elements to ensure they are supplied, maintained and ready for the next operation. There is a saying in military circles – made famous by US Marine General Robert H Barrow – that amateurs study tactics, …

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US Army’s future training capability is the Synthetic Training Environment (STE) to conduct realistic multi-echelon / multidomain battles and mission command training

Today’s military forces encounter evolving national threats, economic constraints, and a changing operational environment with a complex, multifaceted, and uncertain security landscape across a range of political, military, state and non-state actors. Advancing and sustaining the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) operational readiness for these threats require a portfolio of …

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US Army’s Digital Transformation Strategy

The U.S. Army defends and serves our nation by land, sea, and air, protecting our nation’s most vital interests. Today that mission requires new, innovative capabilities to enable national security and defense strategies, primarily because the modern battlespace has adversaries waging information-technology wars.   Therefore, the Army’s modernization strategy identified …

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US Army doctrine thrust on multi domain operations employing AI to counter A2/AD

Russia and China employ formations and capabilities (lethal and nonlethal) that overmatch those of the U.S. in range and lethality, thus challenging the Army’s ability to conduct operational maneuver, gain positions of relative advantage, and generate close-combat overmatch.   China’s and Russia’s rate of technological optimization will continue to outpace …

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