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Revolutions in military logistics processes including Digital transformation and survivable logistics

In Feb 2022, Russia’s advance in Ukraine was slowed to a stop outside Kyiv in the face of logistics and fuel shortages. Though Russian President Vladimir Putin likely envisioned a quick capture of the capital of Ukraine and quick capitulation by its President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russian forces are instead unable …

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Military tactical trucks seeing advanced capabilities and technologies

Military trucks are designed to carry personnel, equipment and supplies to support operations. Military trucks come in different sizes and with diverse capabilities. They range from adapted commercial trucks to purpose-built heavy tactical vehicles tailored for a wide range of applications. Operating military trucks in challenging and dangerous environments requires …

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Automotive embedded systems

Car technology is rapidly increasing. What was once science fiction, is quickly becoming science fact. Smartphone connectivity, high-powered entertainment systems, navigation, interactive systems feedback, driver responsive performance – the list of advancements goes on. The software used in cars is getting more complicated – and more connected. If vehicles are …

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Militaries thrust on Autonomous convoys or Vehicle swarm technology for building Autonomy-Enabled Future Force

Recent combat operations have continually demonstrated the vulnerability of convoys due to their fundamental requirement for delivering sustainment supplies over long distances of unsecured routes. This operational reality of convoy missions makes them particularly vulnerable to attack and ambush. According to US DOD  52 percent of all battlefield casualties are …

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US Army’s LRPF developing long range Artillery systems to penetrate anti-access/area denial networks

While the Army has a variety of means to deliver long-range fires, such as organic attack helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and air support from Navy and Air Force aircraft, these assets are frequently unavailable due to adverse weather and terrain as well as availability. U.S. Army cannon artillery …

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DARPA SubT developed tunnel warfare technologies to rapidly map, navigate, and search underground tunnels employed for missile and nuclear arsenal

In recent years, underground settings are becoming increasingly relevant to global security and safety. Factors such as rising populations and urbanization are requiring military and civilian first responders to perform their duties in below-ground conditions, in human-made tunnels, underground urban spaces, and natural cave networks. Military and Security forces also have …

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US Army’s Digital Transformation Strategy

The U.S. Army defends and serves our nation by land, sea and air, protecting our nation’s most vital interests. Today that mission requires new, innovative capabilities to enable national security and defense strategies, primarily because the modern battlespace has adversaries waging information technology wars. Therefore, the Army’s modernization strategy identified …

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COHERENT and FMCW LIDAR are game changers for autonomous driving

Due to the dynamic and uncertain nature of the car environment, a massive amount of local computing power and advanced algorithms to enable quick adaptation and timely decision-making is deemed essential. At the same time, reliable sensors to feed the driving system are crucial to making a fully informed decision. …

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Electric vehicles enter exponential growth driven by lower running costs, lower battery prices, nice user experience and environmental benefits

Transport is responsible for around 23% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions globally. This is expected to double by 2050. Motor vehicles also put a burden on society, especially in urban environments where they are chiefly responsible for noise and air pollution. Electric vehicles (EVs) have been considered as critical technology for …

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Automotive Lightweight Materials

Advanced materials are essential for boosting the fuel economy of modern automobiles while maintaining safety and performance. Because it takes less energy to accelerate a lighter object than a heavier one, lightweight materials offer great potential for increasing vehicle efficiency. A 10% reduction in vehicle weight can result in a …

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