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Development of Quantum-literate workforce will be key factor in winning Global Quantum race

Quantum technology (QT) applies quantum mechanical properties such as quantum entanglement, quantum superposition, and No-cloning theorem to quantum systems such as atoms, ions, electrons, photons, or molecules. The exciting possibilities in the field of new quantum technologies extend from quantum computing to precision timing, gravity sensors and imagers, cryptography, navigation, …

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Scientists attack error correction, the critical challenge for building large scale fault tolerant quantum computers

‘The development of a “quantum computer” is one of the outstanding technological challenges of the 21st century.  Quantum computers gain their power from the special rules that govern qubits. Unlike classical bits, which have a value of either 0 or 1, qubits can take on an intermediate state called a …

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Large-scale programmable photonic Quantum computers enabled by new Photonic quantum processor chips

Quantum processors are implemented with a variety of physical systems, and quantum processors with tens of qubits have been already reported. The leading physical systems for quantum computing include superconducting circuits, trapped ions, silicon quantum dots, and so on. However, scalable implementation of fault-tolerant quantum computers is still a major …

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DARPA QuICC developing hybrid Quantum computer to solve optimization problems for Defense applications

Department of Defense (DOD) must solve many complex optimization problems to enable mission capabilities – from determining the most efficient way to distribute supplies to minimizing warfighters’ exposure to hostile forces. Solving these intricate scenarios is difficult, largely owing to the limitations of existing computing resources. Today, many optimization problems …

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Quantum memory will enable quantum cryptography networks and Quantum Internet

Just as classical computers are unthinkable without memories, quantum memories will be essential elements for future quantum information processors.  Quantum memories are devices that can store quantum information for a long time with very high fidelity and efficiency. Quantum memories are devices that can store the quantum state of a photon, …

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Amid China’s military quantum lead, US declares quantum as a “critical technology” and launches National Quantum Initiative

The quest for quantum computing supremacy is a geopolitical priority for Europe, China, Canada, Australia and the United States. Boston Consulting Group’s 2018 report that estimates a quantum computing market of nearing $60 billion in 2035, which would grow further to $295 billion in 2050, which explains why nations, corporates and …

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NSA, Army developing ‘Qubit Collaboratory’ to Advance Quantum Information Science

The quantum world hosts a rich variety of physics that could enable functionality far beyond what traditional technologies can achieve. By probing and manipulating phenomena that occur at the single particle scale, the emerging field of quantum information science (QIS) aims to create new forms of computing, sensing, and communications …

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Mass production of Quantum Computers enabled by Silicon and Glass quantum chips

The quantum computing market is projected to reach $65 billion by 2030, a hot topic for investors and scientists alike because of its potential to solve incomprehensibly complex problems.   Quantum computer  development has been dominated by some of the biggest and most established IT players, in particular, Google, Intel, …

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Quantum (QRNG) or True Random Number Generator (TRNG) technology for post quantum cryptography, Mobile and IoT security and impenetrable encryption of military communications

Random numbers are important in many fields of scientific research and real-life applications, such as fundamental physical research, computer science and the lottery industry.  They also serve as foundation in many security applications including encryption, authentication, signing, key wrapping and other cryptographic applications.   In cryptography, the one-time pad (OTP) is …

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