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DARPA’s In the Moment (ITM): Revolutionizing Military Operations with Algorithm-Driven Decision Makingdeveloping algorithm-driven decision making for military operations

Introduction: The realm of military operations is a complex and dynamic landscape where quick and informed decision-making can be the difference between success and failure. Recognizing the need for advanced decision-making capabilities, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has embarked on an ambitious initiative called “In the Moment (ITM).” …

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Unveiling the US Defense Science and Technology Strategy: Ensuring World Leadership in Critical and Emerging Technologies

In an era where technological advancements are reshaping the global landscape, nations vie for dominance in critical and emerging technologies. Among the key players, the United States stands at the forefront, leveraging its Defense Science and Technology Strategy to maintain world leadership. This strategy encompasses a comprehensive approach aimed at …

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Exploring the Indian Space Policy 2023: A Roadmap for Advancing Space Technology and National Development

Space has become an integral part of modern society, with an increasing number of countries developing their space capabilities for a wide range of applications. In this context, the development and implementation of a comprehensive space policy have become imperative. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently released the Indian …

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5G Dominance: Unveiling the US Military’s Strategic Leap and the Rise of a 5G Arms Race

In a bold move that marks a significant shift in the landscape of modern warfare, the United States has officially launched its 5G military strategy, declaring the race for 5G dominance as a new arms race. This development is set to reshape the future of military operations, with profound implications …

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Militaries are restructuring and downsizing troops to be effective under changing threats and Warfare

Militaries around the world are undergoing restructuring and downsizing as a result of various factors, including budget constraints, changing security threats, and shifts in geopolitical priorities.   The downsizing of military forces can be driven by a variety of reasons, including an effort to reduce the overall size of government …

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Seabed warfare threat require new strategy, platforms and technologies

Introduction As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and reliant on maritime trade, the security and protection of our oceans have taken on paramount importance. While surface naval warfare has traditionally been a significant focus, the rise of seabed warfare threats presents a new set of challenges that demand innovative strategies, …

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UK Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE)

The Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE) is the British Army’s live trial of emerging military technologies and tools – bringing together industry and military experts to test new technology and improve Army capability. “The Army Warfighting Experiment has been and remains the flagship experimentation programme for the British Army. Through AWE …

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Rising Nuclear Risk due to Russia Ukraine war , and great power modernization race for all the three legs of their strategic Triad

President Vladimir Putin in Sep 2022 ordered Russia’s first mobilisation since World War Two and backed a plan to annex swathes of Ukraine, warning the West he was not bluffing when he said he’d be ready to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia. Putin said that top government officials in several …

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DARPA ERI developing breakthrough U.S. national electronics capability for DOD missions to secure its national security

In 1965 R&D Director at Fairchild (and later Intel co-founder) Gordon Moore predicted continued systemic declines in cost and increase in performance of integrated circuits in his paper “Cramming more components onto integrated circuits.” These trends have underwritten the ongoing microelectronics revolution. “Moore’s Law has set the technology community on a …

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India’s Smart and Comprehensive Integrated Border Management (CIBMS) to guard its long, difficult and porous borders

The long, porous and difficult  borders have created the security challenges of illegal immigration, cross border terrorism, narcotics and arms smuggling, abetment of separatists and left -wing extremism and separatist movements aided by external powers. Pakistan policy of supporting cross border terrorism has led to constant border skirmishes along the …

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