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NATO cyber doctrine and command calls for enhancing Deterrence and cyber defense capabilities amid Russian and Chinese Cyber Warfare Threat

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an alliance of European and North American countries formed after World War II as a bulwark against Russian aggression, as per The Associated Press. Its original members were Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the …

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China National R&D plans to enhance it’s global science, technology and Military Innovation

In his series of books Science and Civilization in China, Joseph Needham, a British science historian, described China as a great country of invention and creation that fell behind in modern times. But that situation is changing rapidly, and now Chinese are working in almost every field of science and …

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Canada launches strategy to become a powerhouse in quantum technology

Quantum computing and quantum information processing are next revolutionary technology expected to have immense impact. Quantum computers will be able to perform tasks too hard for even the most powerful conventional supercomputer and have a host of specific applications, from code-breaking and cyber security to medical diagnostics, big data analysis …

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Growing demand, Strategic importance and scarcity of Rare Earth Elements is driving search for new mitigation strategies

REEs are a series of chemical elements found in the Earth’s crust that are essential components of many technologies, including electronics, computer and communication systems, transportation, health care, and national defense. Rare Earths Elements (REE) are incorporated into many sophisticated technologies with both commercial and defense applications including smartphones and …

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2022 US National Defense Strategy (NDS)

In Oct 2022, the Pentagon released its unclassified 2022 National Defense Strategy (NDS), along with the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) and Missile Defense Review (MDR). Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin wrote in the strategy’s introduction that it will shape the department’s priorities during the coming “decisive decade—from helping to protect the …

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Digital tranformation Strategy for Digital Battlefield

The modern battlespace extends into space and cyberspace, and adversary capabilities in these areas can be expected to expand in tomorrow’s strategic environment, increasing competition in and across all domains. To preserve and expand our military advantage in this new digital operating environment, the Joint Force must be adaptive, innovative …

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US Army doctrine thrust on multi domain operations employing AI to counter A2/AD

Russia and China employ formations and capabilities (lethal and nonlethal) that overmatch those of the U.S. in range and lethality, thus challenging the Army’s ability to conduct operational maneuver, gain positions of relative advantage, and generate close-combat overmatch.   China’s and Russia’s rate of technological optimization will continue to outpace …

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US Army’s “Project Convergence” evaluating technologies, Joint and Multinational interoperability for A2/AD and Multidomain capability

Russia and China have developed sophisticated military capability for A2/AD and Multidomain capability. Anti-Access is defined as any action, activity, or capability, usually long-range, designed to prevent an advancing military force from entering an operational area. Area Denial is defined as action, activity, or capability, usually short-range, designed to limit an …

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Military Race for Integrated Cyber, Space, EW, Signals intelligence and Communications capability for Information Dominance

Joint Publication (JP 1-02) defined the electromagnetic spectrum as the “range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation from zero to infinity” (U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2010b). In a more detailed interpretation, the electromagnetic spectrum is a series of frequencies  from the lowest to the highest frequency (longest to shortest wavelength), …

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CEPA proposes NATO Defense Strategy Integrating Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

After the Cold War, the US, NATO, and the world at large shifted focus to combating terrorism and capacity building in fragile states.  As a result, the urgency to develop and field new systems to combat potential near-peer competitors eroded. Without this motivation, NATO and its allies – especially larger …

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