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5G is a game changer for the military

Mobile communications systems have evolved through wireless technology innovation into 2G, 3G, and then 4G to keep pace with ever increasing voice and data traffic. 5G is the latest iteration of cellular technology that is providing seamless coverage, high data rate, low latency, and highly reliable communications. It will increase …

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DARPA CFIP Countering Risk of Foreign Influence on US military research

U.S. Congress has directed the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”), the research and development agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, to secure its funded research from undue influence through the establishment of an initiative and relevant policies.   According to Research and Development National Security Policy, “Unfortunately, some foreign governments, …

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US Army’s FVL program evaluating capability sets and technologies for Next Generation Military Helicopters

The threats to Aircraft are growing at the high end of the conflict spectrum, with countries like Russia and China deploying agile and long-range air defenses, and sophisticated electronic warfare capabilities, integrated with cyber warfare operations. Existing rotorcraft might not be able to survive or fight effectively in places like …

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Powering the Future Global soldiers with Advanced Batteries, Fuel cells, Wearable, Wireless, and Smart Energy solutions

The vision for the future soldier is to be combat effective and also highly mobile, adaptive, networked, sustainable with total battle space situation awareness and information assurance. Therefore, he is equipped with night- vision goggles, radios, smartphones, GPS, infrared sights, a laptop as well as batteries to power them. Some …

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DARPA In the Moment (ITM) developing algorithm-driven decision making for military operations

Military operations – from combat, to medical triage, to disaster relief – require complex and rapid decision-making in dynamic situations where there is often no single right answer. Two seasoned military leaders facing the same scenario on the battlefield, for example, may make different tactical decisions when faced with difficult …

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DARPA ReVector prevents pathogens from entering human body by modifying Skin Microbiome throgh synthetic biology

The mosquito is the deadliest animal on the planet, responsible for spreading malaria, which kills more than 400,000 people every year. The American Society for Microbiology estimates that there are trillions of microbes living in or on the human body that constitute the human microbiome.   The human skin microbiome …

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LIDAR technologies for Autonomous vehicles, battlefield visualization, weapon guidance and anti-submarine warfare

Remote sensing means that we aren’t actually physically measuring things with our hands. We are using sensors that capture information about a landscape and record things that we can use to estimate conditions and characteristics. LiDAR, or light detection ranging (sometimes also referred to as active laser scanning) is one …

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Global race for self-driving, driverless or autonomous cars

As the world’s population is growing and time lost to traffic snarls is increasing, the importance of autonomous vehicle technology is being realized.  Further experts predict another billion people in society in 10 years which will further lead to traffic problems and parking requirements.   Autonomous vehicles will ease congestion, shorten …

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Fully Autonomous technologies driving Global driverless car revolution

Autonomous vehicles will ease congestion, shorten commutes, reduce fuel consumption, slow global warming, enhance accessibility, liberate parking spaces for better uses, and improve public health and social equity. Analysts predict that by 2050 self-driving cars will save 59,000 lives and 250 million commuting hours annually and support a new “passenger …

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Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework

Scrum is one of the most widely-used flavors of Agile, mostly applied to software development projects. It starts with describing the customer experience through user stories. Teams work on high-priority user stories in rapid cycles called sprints, deliver working software that is validated by users, and incorporate feedback quickly into …

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