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Mine Countermeasures (MCM) technologies for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) , Surface Warfare (SUW) , and counter terrorism missions

Sea mines are one of the cheapest and most dangerous threats for naval forces; a reality experienced in both World Wars and the Korean War. In order to mitigate the impacts and risks of sea mines on naval operations, advanced navies have been increasing their investments in autonomous Mine Countermeasure …

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Autonomous Security Robots technologies trends and markets

A robot, is any automatically operated machine that replaces human effort, though it may not resemble human beings in appearance or perform functions in a humanlike manner. A robot is a machine—especially one programmable by a computer—capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. A robot can be …

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Hyper-intelligent systems and Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs) are gravest risk to mankind

Robotics has made significant progress, since its first deployment as an industrial robot more than 50 years ago. Robots are now days being used extensively in manufacturing, services, healthcare/medical, defense, and space. They have enhanced safety of humans from dangerous tasks, improved the productivity and the quality of life. In …

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Autonomous shipping or Autonomous shipping or Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) technologies

Autonomous ships refer to the ships that are remote built ships where operations are performed by remote control mechanism. These operations are operated by the humans located at the shore. Autonomous requires high quality systems and reliable communication system which work with the assistance of connectivity, control algorism and sensor …

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Robots and Robot swarms for establishing Moon bases, harnessing it’s mineral resources

Recent studies of the Moon’s surface have shown that there is enough lunar ice underneath it to make extraction worthwhile. Moreover, lunar regolith contains metals and minerals in large amounts. The total value of the Moon’s extractable resources amounts to USD sixteen quadrillion, as estimated by Moon Express.   The …

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Military drones (UAV) swarms transforming from ISR capabilities and military force protection roles to killer drones and loitering munitions

The militaries have already integrated a large number of drones in their forces and employ them for deadly effects.  In the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Azeri drones proved decisive. Open-source intelligence indicates Azeri drones devastated the Armenian military, destroying 144 tanks, 35 infantry fighting vehicles, 19 armored personnel carriers, …

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DARPA RACER-Sim will employ simulation tools to accelerate development of military autonomous ground vehicles for the battlefield

Modelling is the process of representing a model (e.g., physical, mathematical, or logical representation of a system, entity, phenomenon, or process) which includes its construction and working. This model is similar to a real system, which helps the analyst predict the effect of changes to the system. Simulation of a …

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Tethered Drones or UAS, Hovering platforms, and Towed parafoil system provide long range Communications and Surveillance for Combatting terrorism

Militaries have long recognized the  advantages of height for surveillance platforms to overcome the Horizon limitations because of curvature of earth, therefore it has been using many such platforms like baloons, and aerostats. Security forces have also found that countering today’s asymmetric threats, which can occur at any time and …

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Global race for self-driving, driverless or autonomous cars

As the world’s population is growing and time lost to traffic snarls is increasing, the importance of autonomous vehicle technology is being realized.  Further experts predict another billion people in society in 10 years which will further lead to traffic problems and parking requirements.   Autonomous vehicles will ease congestion, shorten …

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Unmanned Autonomous helicopters for emergency relief and military operations

The helicopter is a type of aircraft which is lifted and propelled by one or more sets of horizontally revolving overhead rotors.  It has two rotors that spin several blades. A blade is a tilted airfoil, just like an airplane wing. As it speeds through the air, each blade generates …

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