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Militaries employing Micro and Nano air vehicles to support Soldiers in tactical operations on battlefield

Large UAVs, such as  Global Hawk,  General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper, and predecessor MQ-1 Predator have already become indispensable to modern militaries in providing intelligence, near-real-time reconnaissance and surveillance to commanders, and offering warfighters greater battlespace awareness. They have proven effective in electronic combat support, battle damage assessment, and even in …

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New materials for Soft Actuators or Artificial muscles enabling life like Soft Robots and augment Soldiers performance

The emerging field of soft robotics aims to improve robot/human interactivity promising to bring robots into all aspects our daily lives, including wearable robotics, surgical robots, micromanipulation, search and rescue, and others. Soft robotics differ from traditional counterparts in some important ways: Soft robots have little or no hard internal …

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Connected Vehicles and V2X Vehicle to everything technology

Today 1.35M people die each year in automobile crashes globally; 38,000 in the U.S. alone, the equivalent of two 747s crashing in mid-air every single week. Counterintuitively, despite the COVID-19 pandemic leading to fewer drivers on the roads and a significant reduction in the number of miles driven, the latest …

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Counter drone swarm technologies, required as drone swarms being employed for surveillance and delivering weaponized explosives

Criminals have been using drones in a variety of ways. They use them to prepare house break-ins, observe larger targets, spot security gaps, and determine security guard patterns. Militant organizations have started employing drones to further their terrorism. The small drones such as a quadcopter or model airplane are readily …

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Many of the outstanding challenges to the development and deployment of tactical autonomy are related to operations in the real world. Through AIR, DARPA is looking to prioritize fully integrated sensors, scalability and adaptability in the face of “open-world problems,” as well as deceptive effects and the learning of predictive models …

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Stratospheric drones to provide 5G wireless communications, Global Internet, Border Security and Military Surveillance

High-altitude platforms (HAPs) are aircraft, usually unmanned airships or airplanes positioned above 20 km, in the stratosphere, in order to compose a telecommunications network or perform remote sensing. Aerospace companies have been trying for years to create a solar-powered plane that can fly at high altitudes for years at a …

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Under space warfare threat, DARPA’s RSGS program plans robotic servicing, design , assemble and build satellites in space

Space has  become another domain of warfare and there is  threat of degradation or destruction of satellites through  electronic and kinetic attacks by adversaries. One of the measures DOD is taking to enhance space security is In-space-assembly.  DOD is trying to enhance the space security of their assets  is developing …

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Airforce develop Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems to meet challenges of Cyber-Attacks, Anti-Access/Area-Denial (A2SD) actions and Space Threats

The current Armed drones like Predators and Reapers are essentially remote controlled that is they involve human operators remotely controlling the vehicle with the assistance of fairly low levels of automation for some functions (e.g., the operator specifies waypoints to be followed by the platform). Systems like these have proved …

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Urban Air Mobility, using eVTOL vehicles technologies taking off

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has estimated that the number of passengers traveling by aircraft could double to 8.2 billion by 2037. According to the UN, 68% of the population is expected to live in urban areas by 2050. The growing number of vehicles in urban areas has resulted …

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