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Tethered Drones or UAS, Hovering platforms, and Towed parafoil system provide long range Communications and Surveillance for Combatting terrorism

Militaries have long recognized the  advantages of height for surveillance platforms to overcome the Horizon limitations because of curvature of earth, therefore it has been using many such platforms like baloons, and aerostats. Security forces have also found that countering today’s asymmetric threats, which can occur at any time and …

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Global race for self-driving, driverless or autonomous cars

As the world’s population is growing and time lost to traffic snarls is increasing, the importance of autonomous vehicle technology is being realized.  Further experts predict another billion people in society in 10 years which will further lead to traffic problems and parking requirements.   Autonomous vehicles will ease congestion, shorten …

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Fully Autonomous technologies driving Global driverless car revolution

Autonomous vehicles will ease congestion, shorten commutes, reduce fuel consumption, slow global warming, enhance accessibility, liberate parking spaces for better uses, and improve public health and social equity. Analysts predict that by 2050 self-driving cars will save 59,000 lives and 250 million commuting hours annually and support a new “passenger …

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Urban Air Mobility, using eVTOL vehicles technologies overcoming challenges

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has estimated that the number of passengers traveling by aircraft could double to 8.2 billion by 2037. According to the UN, 68% of the population is expected to live in urban areas by 2050. The growing number of vehicles in urban areas has resulted …

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Unmanned Autonomous helicopters for emergency relief and military operations

The helicopter is a type of aircraft which is lifted and propelled by one or more sets of horizontally revolving overhead rotors.  It has two rotors that spin several blades. A blade is a tilted airfoil, just like an airplane wing. As it speeds through the air, each blade generates …

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Manned Unmanned Teaming of Aircrafts for Future Air combat

Manned-unmanned Teaming (MUT) is the operation of manned and unmanned assets in concert towards a shared mission objective.  It has significant applications in the civilian world, particularly in firefighting, search and rescue operations, hazmat incidents, and law enforcement.   Recent progress in the development of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) / Urban …

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Hybrid Electric Propulsion System (HEPS) for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can enhance military missions

The employment of UAVs by various industries and in  Defense and Security missions are enabled by their  propulsion system  to provide them with the necessary power to propel the aircraft for forward flight or hover.  Propulsion systems can advance the flight time or endurance of a UAV which is influenced …

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New materials for Soft Actuators or Artificial muscles enabling life like Soft Robots and augment Soldiers performance

The emerging field of soft robotics aims to improve robot/human interactivity promising to bring robots into all aspects our daily lives, including wearable robotics, surgical robots, micromanipulation, search and rescue, and others. Soft robotics differ from traditional counterparts in some important ways: Soft robots have little or no hard internal …

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Hydrogen Fuel cells advancing to fly small, electric unmanned air vehicles to Aircrafts

The need to reduce gas emissions, optimize aircraft performance, decrease operating and maintenance costs, is pushing aircraft industry to progress towards more electric aircraft (MEA), and ultimately an All-Electric Aircraft.  Due to the higher efficiency and better reliability compared to conventional combustion engines, electrical systems with no greenhouse gas emission …

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Biohybrid robots are next revolution that incorporate living organisms into robots to optimize their performances.

Scientists have created robots of all shapes and sizes with increasing complexity in recent decades. Some robots function well on assembly lines, tightening bolts or welding together sheets of metal. Recent years have also witnessed an increased interest in intelligent micro-robots. Due to their small size, micro-robots can simulate the …

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