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Global Synthetic Biology race for exploiting it for defence as Biology emerging as new domain of warfare

Synthetic biology technology aims to redesign natural biological systems for greater efficiency, as well as create new organisms as well as molecules with desired bio-attributes. These bioengineered microorganisms (and possibly other life forms) can produce pharmaceuticals, detect toxic chemicals, break down pollutants, repair defective genes, destroy cancer cells, and generate …

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Smart Microrobots can self-reconfigure, merge, split, and heal themselves

We are on the verge of new transitions that will transform robotics. One is already underway—the miniaturization of robots, to the point where invisible, microscopic robots could be around us and inside us, performing monitoring or even life-saving functions. We have seen systematic bio-inspired efforts to create microbe-like, microscopic robots. …

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Military employment of animals for Warfare

Throughout history animals have accompanied men into combat as modes of transport and communication, protectors and companions. They have fulfilled a variety of roles – from carrying men and munitions to evacuating the wounded, performing guard and sentry duties to carrying out search and rescue operations, detecting gas in trenches to locating …

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Animal Biotechnology Trends and its Market

Biotechnology is  technology  that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for commercial application or benefit to humanity. This technology utilizes varied biomolecular and cellular procedures in order to develop products and technologies that ultimately assist in advancing human lives as well …

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AI accelerating Synthetic Biology by improving it’s accuracy and speed and decrease it’s cost

Synthetic biology  is defined as the application of science, technology and engineering to facilitate and accelerate the design, manufacture and/or modification of genetic materials in living organisms. Synthetic biology brings together disciplines including biology, chemistry, computer science and engineering with the aim of redesigning natural biological systems for greater efficiency …

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Cell-free Synthetic Biology and Biomanufacturing for sustainable production of Biological Materials

We live in a material world. In today’s society, virtually every segment of our everyday life is influenced by the limitations, availability, and economic considerations of the materials used. There are more than five trillion plastic pieces in the world’s oceans, an estimated 15 billion trees are cut down each year …

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Protein A Resins Market

Most antibody drugs treat cancer and autoimmune diseases, and many of the rest are used to treat orphan and infectious diseases. Unfortunately, antibodies are complex proteins in many ways, which complicates their purification and characterization, making it difficult for their developers to meet the rigid requirements for therapeutics.   Process …

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DARPA ICE developing biological solutions for fighting and operating in extremely cold Arctic environments

The warming of the arctic has opened access to new trade routes and necessitated an expanded operational area where the U.S. military must counter peer adversaries seeking to exploit emerging theaters in ECW areas. Significant physiological and material barriers exist to establishing and maintaining a force capable of sustained operations …

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Accurate modeling of metabolic processes for bioproduction, drug targeting, and bioremediation.

All living things require metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which the body changes food and drink into energy. During this process, calories in food and drinks mix with oxygen to make the energy the body needs. Even at rest, a body needs energy for all it does.   Metabolism …

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