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Military Embedded system cyber threats, vulnerabilities and security

An embedded system is a combination of embedded devices that are located within a larger system in order to perform a dedicated function. Such a system is dedicated to executing one specific task, which sets it apart from any other system of devices. An embedded system is typically some combination …

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Functional testing of Satellite communications payload and transponder

Satellite communications systems must cover a diverse set of user requirements in direct broadcast, wireless communications and remote sensing applications for both commercial and government systems. These systems must operate reliably around the clock with multi-decade system longevity. They must be thoroughly tested to ensure a quality of service over …

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Satellite EMI/EMC testing standards

The space vehicles greatly vary in size from small satellites and CubeSats to vehicles such as the Mars Rover and other large launch vehicles. All of these spacecraft have electronic devices that need to operate properly in space with a very low failure rate.   Modern computers operate in a …

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Antennas and Advanced Antenna Systems (AAS) breakthroughs to accelerate large scale deployments of 5G networks

End-user performance requirements continue to increase, putting high demands on the radio access network (RAN) to deliver increased coverage, capacity and end-user throughput. The antenna is an invaluable segment of any wireless network. Early 2G and 3G systems operated with two receive antennas spaced at least a lambda spacing to …

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Arrival of blazing-fast 5G millimeter wave enabled by 5G NR technologies

The global race is now on to develop 5G, short for 5th generation mobile networking or 5th generation wireless systems which will change the face of the mobile communication. Most global 5G deployments kicked off using mid-band spectrum in the 3-4 GHz range, and now the second wave of 5G …

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Microwave and mmWave Engineering design and analysis (EDA) tools for aerospace/defense communications, and automotive applications

Millimeter waves are electromagnetic signals with frequencies ranging from 30 to 300 GHz that correspond to wavelengths of 10 to 1 mm in free space. Electromagnetic waves in the millimeter-wave band have attractive characteristics. One of their features is the wider usable frequency band compared with waves in the microwave …

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Electronic CAD (ECAD) or Electronic design automation (EDA) tools for aerospace and defense electronics

In today’s world, engineering plays a part in almost everything that surrounds us, and with innovations continuously being brought to market, engineering is experiencing a steady growth extending to all of its wide-ranging facets. Further, the increasing demand for advanced electronic devices with complex designs, and the need to reduce …

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Massive MIMO key to delivering mobile 5G will move to extreme MIMO in 6G

Massive MIMO ( Multiple Input Multiple Output ) is the new wireless access technology in 5G, in both sub-6 GHz and mmWave bands.  The main idea is to use multiple antennas at a transmitter and receiver to improve the performance of wireless communication systems. Massive MIMO ( or very large …

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Reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) or Large Intelligent Surface (LIS) creating an intelligent electromagnetic environment for wireless communications

Reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS)—known also as intelligent reflecting surface (IRS), and large intelligent surface (LIS)—is a programmable structure that can be used to control the propagation of electromagnetic (EM) waves by changing the electric and magnetic properties of the surface. These elements form a low-profile 2D reflecting or transmission array, …

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Military RF and Microwave equipments and testing

The electromagnetic spectrum is a series of frequencies ranging from radio waves to microwaves, visible light, X-rays, and gamma rays. As the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation shortens, the waves have a higher frequency—how quickly electromagnetic waves follow each other—and therefore more energy.   Radiofrequency is a type of electromagnetic …

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