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Tethered Drones or UAS, Hovering platforms, and Towed parafoil system provide long range Communications and Surveillance for Combatting terrorism

Militaries have long recognized the  advantages of height for surveillance platforms to overcome the Horizon limitations because of curvature of earth, therefore it has been using many such platforms like baloons, and aerostats. Security forces have also found that countering today’s asymmetric threats, which can occur at any time and …

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DARPA ARCOS program developing Automated Rapid Software Certification tools for Military Systems, Platforms

Military systems are increasingly using software to support functionality, new capabilities, and beyond. Before a new piece of software can be deployed within a system however, its functional safety and compliance with certain standards must be verified and ultimately receive certification. As the rapid rate of software usage continues to …

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Software Design and development of Small Satellites

Traditionally, all space missions have two main segments, one is the Space Segment which is composed of the satellites themselves. The second one is the Ground Segment, which consists of all the elements used to design, manage and conclude space missions, such as testing facilities, and infrastructure to operate and …

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DARPA In the Moment (ITM) developing algorithm-driven decision making for military operations

Military operations – from combat, to medical triage, to disaster relief – require complex and rapid decision-making in dynamic situations where there is often no single right answer. Two seasoned military leaders facing the same scenario on the battlefield, for example, may make different tactical decisions when faced with difficult …

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DARPA JAWS developing all-domain battlespace awareness and battle management planning software.

The future operating environment articulated by the NDS, the NDS Commission, and other sources describe how potential adversaries have developed sophisticated anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities. These capabilities include electronic warfare, cyber weapons, long-range missiles, and advanced air defenses. U.S. competitors have pursued A2/AD capabilities as a means of countering traditional …

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High Reliability and Radiation hardened memories for space and aerospace applications

The space race between countries has intensified from exploration and mining of the moon and asteroids,  launching large LEO constellations for providing global connectivity monitoring earth to NASA’s $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope.   Over the past three years, SpaceX has deployed thousands of satellites into low-Earth orbit as …

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Automated Sentiment Analysis (SA) or Opinion Mining (OM)

Cambridge dictionary defines sentiment is as a thought, opinion, or idea based on a feeling about a situation, or a way of thinking about something. Some examples are: Nationalist sentiment has increased in the area since the bombing; The area has become a hotbed of anti-government sentiment; The past few …

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Fully Autonomous technologies driving Global driverless car revolution

Autonomous vehicles will ease congestion, shorten commutes, reduce fuel consumption, slow global warming, enhance accessibility, liberate parking spaces for better uses, and improve public health and social equity. Analysts predict that by 2050 self-driving cars will save 59,000 lives and 250 million commuting hours annually and support a new “passenger …

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Photonics based supercomputers enabled by New breakthroughs

Moore’s Law which stated that the number of transistors on a chip will double approximately every two years has been the driver of semiconductor industry in boosting the complexity, computational performance and energy efficiency while reducing cost. The increase in computing performance of electronic computers is becoming more and more difficult, …

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