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ARGUS-IS, and ARGUS-IR are DARPA’s Real-Time, Day/Night, Drone Gigapixel Imaging and Surveillance systems in the sky

Our military forces are becoming increasingly dependent on current and reliable video data for the conduct of day-to-day operations. Our deployed forces are faced with many challenges to provide real-time situational awareness across their expansive areas of responsibility (AOR). Among the highest ISR requirements of our military services is the …

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DARPA seeking new tools and techniques for Modeling, Analysis and Design of Complex, Adaptive and disaggregated Military and Civilian systems

DARPA in recent years has focused heavily on the need to disaggregate complex military systems and to evolve a portfolio of “system-of-systems” architectures to better manage national security applications and improve the survivability and mission success of military platforms. A core remaining challenge, however, has been the lack of sophisticated …

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DARPA developing next generation of Ultra-stable and Super-precise portable Chip-Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC)

The ACES program aims to develop portable, battery‐powered atomic clocks with stability, repeatability, and environmental sensitivity approaching that of laboratory‐grade cesium beam frequency standards. “The history of human knowledge is reflected in our clock technology,” says Robert Lutwak, program manager for the agency’s Atomic Clocks with Enhanced Stability (ACES) project. …

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DARPA’s LORELEI for All language Real-time intelligence Analysis to support Disaster Relief and worldwide Military operations

U.S. Government operates globally and Understanding local languages is essential for effective situational awareness in military operations, and particularly in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts that require immediate and close coordination with local communities. “In Nigeria, foreign troops hunt Boko Haram terrorists through areas using as many as 44 …

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Assured Nanosecond Accuracy Wireless Network Synchronization in GPS denied environment

Researchers of USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Segura, Niranjayan, Hashemi and Andreas Molisch, have experimentally demonstrated the first wireless network synchronized with nanosecond accuracy. They have developed a prototype, consisting of four nodes that synchronize to each other with an accuracy of approximately three nanoseconds. They also introduced a scalable …

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