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Autonomous Cyber AI for defence from AI-enabled cyber crime and AI enabled cyber Warfare by adversaries

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are growing  an unprecedented rate. These technologies have many widely beneficial applications, ranging from machine translation, medical image analysis,  driverless  cars, digital assistants for nurses and doctors, to AI-enabled drones for expediting disaster relief operations. AI is lowering barriers to entry and empowering organizations around the …

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Growth of Internet of Things and Wearables leading to rising demand of Flexible batteries to power them

Battery usage has expanded from mobile phones and laptops to LED lamps, portable fans, toys, toothbrushes, and even automobiles. Now, the battery applications are expanding further as the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, big data, mobile and cloud computing are introduced. People build systems to obtain, manage and utilise data …

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DARPA Fast Networks Interface Cards (FastNICs) to enable exascale supercomputers to distributed machine learning

Computing performance has steadily increased against the trajectory set by Moore’s Law, and networking performance has accelerated at a similar rate. Despite these connected evolutions in network and server technology however, the network stack, starting with the network interface card (NIC) – or the hardware that bridges the network/server boundary …

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Probabilistic Computing Can Lead to Breakthroughs In Artificial Intelligence and military situation assessment

It may still be decades before quantum computers are ready to solve problems that today’s classical computers aren’t fast or efficient enough to solve, but the emerging “probabilistic computer” could bridge the gap between classical and quantum computing.   Our minds are able to explore vast spaces of possible thoughts, …

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Industry transforming network design and network management through Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

In 2018, operators began to deploy 5G networks globally, which is now in full swing. Compared with 2G/3G/4G, 5G has a significant leap in key performance such as network speed, network latency and connections scale, which would allow it to support new service scenarios and applications. To support the typical …

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US and China tested X-ray pulsar-based navigation and timing (XNAV) on spacecrafts for autonomous and secure space missions

Pulsars are highly magnetized, rotating neutron stars that emit electromagnetic radiation at regular intervals. They radiate energy across a broad range of frequencies, but they are most visible in their X-ray beams. Pulsars emit powerful beams in opposite directions as they spin. These beams are observable only when they’re pointed toward …

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Chaos Engineering tests large complex Cloud based systems by injecting extreme, and turbulent conditions with goal to build more resilient systems

Advances in large-scale, distributed software systems are changing the game for software engineering.  Now organizations of all sizes are leveraging the power of the cloud by hosting their data, applications, and services in shared data centers.   Despite their extraordinary uptime, services from AWS and Azure can—and do—fail. Data centers …

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Militaries using AI for enhancing submarine detection making submarine vulnerable

For military, Sonars are the eyes and ears of ships or submarines in water used to detect, locate and identify objects in water. They are used for underwater navigation, especially by submarines and surveillance.  Sonar systems can also be used to realign inertial navigation systems by identifying known ocean floor …

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DARPA Media forensics to detect fake photos and videos on social media to support National Security

In recent years consumer imaging technology (digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.) has become ubiquitous, allowing people the world over to take and share images and video instantaneously. Mirroring this rise in digital imagery is the associated ability for even relatively unskilled users to manipulate and distort the message of the …

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Hyperscale computing increasingly adopted by companies and militaries for Big Data and artificial intelligence applications

Living in an ever-evolving digital era, where data traffic continues to grow by leaps and bounds, organizations across the globe are currently challenged to store, manage and retrieve this massively growing amount of data. To seamlessly respond and cater to this escalating business need, companies are increasingly turning to hyperscale …

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