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Researchers develop new manufacturing processes for ultra-thin and ultra-efficient solar cells

Photovoltaic solar cells are thin silicon disks that convert sunlight into electricity. These disks act as energy sources for a wide variety of uses, including: calculators and other small devices; telecommunications; rooftop panels on individual houses; and for lighting, pumping, and medical refrigeration for villages in developing countries. Solar cells …

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Atomic, Nuclear battery or Radioisotope battery can solve Nuclear waste and power future IoT devices for decades to military missiles

Nuclear power—with its high energy density and low carbon footprint—is a source with which the international community has decades of experience. However, the challenges that come along with the technology have kept it from becoming a more dominant factor in the global energy mix. Geopolitical issues lie at the center …

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Graphene enables room temperature single photon emitter and detector for unhackable Quantum Key Cryptography (QKD)

Quantum Key Distribution, or QKD, enables two remote parties, “Alice” and “Bob”, who are connected by a passive optical link to securely generate secret key material. Single-photon sources (SPSs) and single-photon detectors (SPDs) are key devices for enabling practical quantum key distributions (QKDs).  Single photon generation is necessary for secure quantum transmission; …

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US, Israel and India require new Tunnel Detection and neutralization technologies to stop drug and weapon smuggling, human trafficking, and cross border terrorism

Criminals, terrorists and military have been using  tunnels since long time to evade detection as surface based detection methods are ineffective underground .   Indian Border Security Force (BSF) troopers in Nov 2020 discovered an underground tunnel on the international border at Regal area in J&K`s Samba district, officials said. As …

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Airborne wind energy (AWE) is future emerging technology in the wind power sector

Renewable energy is at the centre of the transition to a less carbon-intensive and more sustainable energy system. Renewables have grown rapidly in recent years, accompanied by sharp cost reductions for solar photovoltaics and wind power in particular. The future development of wind power presents a significant opportunity in terms …

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Optical Circulators are building blocks for chips for optical communication networks and quantum computers

Fiber optical circulators are used to separate optical signals that travel in opposite directions in an optic fiber in order to complete bidirectional transmission. Optical circulators are also known as non-reciprocal optics, which means when the light travels in the opposite direction, changes in the light properties are not reversed. …

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Environmental and Climate threats impacts Global Security, Military and Technology role

Climate change is defined as the shift in climate patterns mainly caused by greenhouse gas emissions from natural systems and human activities. So far, anthropogenic activities have caused about 1.0 °C of global warming above the pre-industrial level and this is likely to reach 1.5 °C between 2030 and 2052 …

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Wireless Power Transfer(WPT) set to complete the transition to Wireless life for Consumers and Military, Countries trialling WPT for electric vehicles

Electronics has revolutionized our society by providing many devices e.g. laptops, palm pilots, digital cameras, household robots, etc. Every electronic system or device needs electric power to operate, whether it is from  walled AC supply or a battery. This electric power cannot be stored infinitely in any rechargeable device like …

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DSO’s Make-It program on Synthetic chemistry enables end-to-end automated production of pharmaceuticals and other chemicals

Chemists who are trained in synthesis use their skills to create new forms of matter. They synthesize compounds not just because they are new: the design and preparation of these new compounds leads to numerous applications in pharmaceuticals, materials, detection, energy utilization and storage, and insights into biological systems. Synthesis …

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DARPA RIDE to employ Automation and artificial intelligence to discover new Energetic materials and munitions are used across DoD

Energetic materials and munitions are used across DoD in mission critical applications such as rockets, missiles, ammunition, and pyrotechnic devices. In these applications, energetic materials and munitions must perform as designed to ensure success in both training and combat operations. Every time a gun fires, lead leaches into the air. …

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