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Threats of hacking of digital IDs, driving develpment of unbreakable Quantum EPUF IDs containing 1,000 trillion atoms

We live in digitised, connected societies, in an Internet of Things (IoT) world where our reliance on software, hardware, and the networks that connect us, grows exponentially. Our increasing global reliance on what we hope and assume are secure networks, is profound. The threat of large-scale cyber-attack has become a …

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Scientists solving major challenge of decoherence in turning quantum technology from potential to reality

‘The development of a “quantum computer” is one of the outstanding technological challenges of the 21st century. A quantum computer is a machine that processes information according to the rules of quantum physics, which govern the behaviour of microscopic particles at the scale of atoms and smaller. Quantum computers gain …

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Space and Satellite Antenna requirements and emerging Antenna technologies

Antennas are our electronic eyes and ears on the world by transforming a Radiofrequency ( RF) signal, traveling on a conductor, into an electromagnetic wave in free space and vice versa. The RF current flowing through the antenna produces electromagnetic waves which radiate into the atmosphere. They play a very …

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Rising importance of Non- Acoustic detection technologies of Stealthy submarines in Anti Submarine Warfare

Ship detection for offshore production operations, military activities, transportation and other marine applications is very important. Submarine is one of the most important weapon in modern wars. strategic submarines seem to be key to strategic stability, providing what is generally believed to be the most survivable nuclear second-strike force.   Anti-submarine …

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DARPA A-Teams, CAML & ADAPT programs developing efficient Agile Human-Machine Teams to execute battlefield, cyber and electronic warfare missions

The prime aim of US third offset strategy, announced in November 2014,  was to develop effective strateges against multiple potential competitors, from small regional states like North Korea and Iran, to large advanced states like Russia and China, to non-state adversaries and actors with advanced capabilities. In response to third …

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Indian Ocean maritime security threats and Indian Navy’s Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) technology requirements and solutions

Indian Ocean has always been vulnerable to criminals and anti-national activities. The Indian Ocean is an area of conflict. According to a recent analysis of global conflicts by the Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research, altogether 42% of world conflicts can be associated with Indian Ocean countries. Numerous cases of the …

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Countries developing Asteroid mining technologies

Early evidence suggests that there are trillions of dollars’ worth of minerals and metals buried in asteroids that come close to the Earth. These include phosphorus, antimony, zinc, tin, lead, indium, silver, gold and copper. The mining of resources contained in asteroids, for use as propellant, building materials or in …

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DARPA CHARIOT developing Quantum proof cryptography for Military Mobile and IoT security

The exponential price/performance improvements in semiconductor technology stemming from Moore’s Law are enabling even the smallest and most application-specific devices, such as sensors and actuators, to include networking capabilities. The overwhelming majority of such devices will be cheap and power-constrained. Low device costs permit deployment in unprecedented numbers, with some …

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Solar fiber optic lighting for daylighting of high-rise intensive buildings and military shelters

Conventional daylighting scheme employing windows and skylights are no longer so useful especially for daylighting of high-rise and intensive buildings. Residential buildings with limited natural lighting are generally lit by fuel-based electricity which contributes to increase of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Alternatively, the concentrated solar energy can be transmitted …

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Countries developing new technologies for Water Crisis Management including desalination, conservation and recycling

Water is the most precious resource for sustaining life and survival of living world, but we are losing fresh water at an astonishing rate: Climate change is resulting in disappearing of glaciers and severe droughts, groundwater being pumped out faster than natural processes can replace it. Much of the world …

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