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Rising security threats to Smart homes their security requirements and measures for protection

A smart home refers to a convenient home setup where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere with an internet connection using a mobile or other networked device. Devices in a smart home are interconnected through the internet, allowing the user to control functions such as security …

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NASA Perseverance Rover’s Entry, Descent and Landing on Mars required many Technology breakthroughs

Landing on Mars is hard. Two out of three missions to the red planet have failed. Hundreds of things have to go just right during this nail-biting drop. To get there, will have to fly through about 483 million kilometers (300 million miles) of deep space and target a very precise …

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Terahertz Photonics breakthroughs promise ultrahigh speed communication systems to medical imaging and diagnostics, industrial quality control, and security screening

Terahertz (THz, 1012 Hz) technology is based on light sources with frequencies much lower than of visible light, and slightly higher than of microwaves. Such light sources have a number of unique capabilities, for example that it can propagate through most insulating materials such as paper, plastic, cardboard, clothes etc., …

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Smart home devices have many security risks and threats to be exploited by hackers and Intelligence agencies for mass surveillance

The rise of the digital era has brought with it many wondrous changes to our daily lives, not least of which the fact that we now carry digital assistants with us everywhere we go in the form of smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. At the same time this has also …

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Optical processors for high performance and energy efficient computing for data centres and supercomputers

Moore’s Law which stated that the number of transistors on a chip will double approximately every two years has been the driver of semiconductor industry in boosting the complexity, computational performance and energy efficiency while reducing cost. The increase in computing performance of electronic computers is becoming more and more …

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DARPA SAFE-SiM developing theater-wide, multi-domain, mission level modeling & simulation tools for mosaic warfare

The emerging battlefield is a multi-domain battlefield which shall include all the traditional domains of land, air and sea as well as Cyber, Space, Low Intensity conflicts, Information warfare including Psychological warfare and cognitive warfare shall be exploited by our adversaries simultaneously or in any desired combinations.   DARPA has …

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Driverless cars vulnerable to hacking and could be used to carry out suicide attacks, Researchers developing new security solutions

Automotive industry is currently undergoing an electrification process. In a few years, every new vehicle sold will have some degree of autonomy built in. Carmakers from Google to Apple, Tesla to Volkswagen are trying to make drivers obsolete, handing control of the wheel to a computer that can make intelligent decisions …

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Project Maven accelerated weaponizing Artificial Intelligence for the US military, was it used to kill Iran’s nuclear scientist

DoD collects loads of data from satellites, drones and Internet-of-things devices. But it needs help making sense of the intelligence and analyzing it quickly enough so it can be used in combat operations. But, the sheer volume of video content produced makes identifying, assembling and delivering actionable intelligence — from …

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US Navy thrust on preventative maintenance & prognostics-based approach to increase operational availability or mission success of Naval fleet or battlegroup

One of the major objectives of the military is to achieve high reliability and operational availability of their assets. Significant operational benefits are to be gained by employing highly reliable military assets. The major reasons why achieving high reliability is so important are: (1) maintaining weapons systems consumes a significant …

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Cellulose nanopaper promising for green electronics, green vehicles, energy harvesting and optical sensing

In recent years, nanomaterials have displayed potential in effective detection and removal of greenhouse gases, chemical contaminants, organic pollutants, and biological agents. These materials come in various morphologies and have various functions (e.g., adsorbents, catalysts, or membranes). The high reactivity and high surface area of nanomaterials are some of the …

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