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Quantum Technologies enter mainstream commercial applications, Large market growth predicted

Although universal fault-tolerant quantum computers – with millions of physical quantum bits (or qubits) – maybe a decade or two away, quantum computing research continues apace. It has been hypothesized that quantum computers will one day revolutionize information processing across a host of military and civilian applications from pharmaceuticals discovery, …

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Quantum Computers in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is perhaps one of the most globally lucrative industries, as it takes more than 10% of the GDP of most developed countries   Quantum Computation, employs quantum effects to dramatically speed up certain calculations, such as number factoring. Quantum computing does not merely provide an incremental speedup. It is …

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Quantum Biology discovering quantum mechanical principles employed by animals, plants and bacteria to design ultra efficient sensors and solar cells

Quantum mechanics is the fundamental theory that describes the properties of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, molecular assemblies and possibly beyond. Quantum technology (QT) deal with practical applications of quantum mechanical properties—especially quantum entanglement, quantum superposition and quantum tunnelling—applied to quantum systems such as atoms, ions, electrons, photons, molecules or various …

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Quantum hyperpolarization enhances MRI sensitivity to detect cancer and brain tumors

Quantum technology (QT) applies quantum mechanical properties such as quantum entanglement, quantum superposition, and No-cloning theorem to quantum systems such as atoms, ions, electrons, photons, or molecules. Quantum technologies are already revolutionizing life on Earth. But they also have the potential to change the way we operate in space.   …

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Quantum computers entering commercial phase solving business applications

Today, we are in the midst of a “quantum race”. Government investments, such the UK, US, China, Japan and the European Commission, are in the 20s of billions of US dollars into developing the technology in the last decade.   Quantum technology (QT) deal with practical applications of quantummechanical properties—especially …

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Canada launches strategy to become a powerhouse in quantum technology

Quantum computing and quantum information processing are next revolutionary technology expected to have immense impact. Quantum computers will be able to perform tasks too hard for even the most powerful conventional supercomputer and have a host of specific applications, from code-breaking and cyber security to medical diagnostics, big data analysis …

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Twisted Graphene for Quantum technology

Graphene is a 1-atom-thick layer of tightly bonded carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Graphene the world’s first 2D nanomaterial, is widely regarded as the “wonder material” of the 21st century due to the combination of its extraordinary properties. As a single layer of graphite, it is the thinnest …

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Quantum entanglement for futuristic energy storage technology

One of the most important features of thermodynamics is that it has improved human quality of life amazingly during the last centuries. Since in 1606, the Spanish inventor Jerónimo de Ayanz y Beaumont patented the first steam engine a great effort has been done in developing new and better thermal …

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IBM Quantum roadmap to 2025 ushering in the age of the Quantum-centric supercomputer

The quest for quantum computing supremacy is a geopolitical priority for Europe, China, Canada, Australia and the United States. The quantum computing market was valued at $472m earlier in 2021 and is expected to reach $1.7bn by 2026, according to a Markets and Markets projection. Boston Consulting Group’s 2018 report that estimates …

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Integrating Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) in 5G cellular networks will make it hackproof

The coming 5G standard will offer towering benefits, such as enhanced speed and performance, lower latency, and better efficiency. The 5G networks are rapidly adopting various developing technologies to provide high-speed data delivery. The 5G technology is being used in a variety of applications such as smart city, Industrial Internet …

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