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Quantum Biology discovering quantum mechanical principles employed by animals, plants and bacteria to design ultra efficient sensors and solar cells

Quantum mechanics is the fundamental theory that describes the properties of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, molecular assemblies and possibly beyond. Fundamentally, all matter—animate or inanimate—is quantum mechanical, being constituted of ions, atoms and/or molecules whose equilibrium properties are accurately determined by quantum theory. All living systems are made up of molecules, …

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Entangling atomic clocks on orbiting satellites, will enable ultra accurate Global atomic clock network and distributing secret keys

The development of precise atomic clocks plays an increasingly important role in modern society. Shared timing information constitutes a key resource for navigation with a direct correspondence between timing accuracy and precision in applications such as the Global Positioning System.   Atomic clocks are one of the most accurate time …

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Emerging Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing for the fabrication of magnetometers and other quantum sensors

Recent advances in the understanding and control of quantum technologies, such as those based on cold atoms, have resulted in devices with extraordinary metrological sensitivities with applications in a vast array of areas ranging from geophysical type applications to satellite independent navigation. To realise this potential outside of a lab …

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Australia’s Quantum Technology Industry Roadmap provides a vision for unlocking the potential of emerging quantum technologies

Emerging quantum technology applications will present substantial opportunities for economic growth, improving productivity and creating new jobs in the coming decades. Quantum technologies – which are powered by incredible advancements in quantum physics research – could accelerate drug and materials development, enhance national security, increase productive mineral exploration and improve …

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High speed, on demand Single photon source or emitter (SPE) is critical technology for secure communications systems, quantum computers and quantum sensors

The possibility of totally secure communication through the application of quantum mechanical properties was introduced in 1984 by Bennett and Brassard in their paper, “Quantum Cryptography: Public Key Distribution and Coin Tossing”. As Bennett and Brassard outlined, quantum communication makes it impossible for an eavesdropper to intercept a message without …

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Countries advance Quantum Microwave Technology to enable future Quantum computer Network and Quantum radar that would render Stealth Aircrafts Obsolete

Currently, the most advanced and promising (actively developed by big companies such as Google, IBM, Intel, etc.) platform for future quantum computing and simulations is superconducting circuits. These typically consist of thin film layers of superconducting materials and Josephson junctions comprising altogether a network of resonators and qubits. They interact …

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synthetic diamond a unique material for quantum computing and quantum Internet

Diamonds are well known gems but this  material has been used  in industry, as a tool for machining the latest smartphones, as a window in high-power lasers used to produce automotive components, and even as a speaker-dome material in high-end audio systems. However new applications od diamond are emerging in …

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Quantum magnetometers breakthroughs promise ultimate precision sensors at room temperature using qubits and machine learning

A magnetometer is a device used to measure the direction and strength of the magnetic field at a particular location. Magnetometers are employed across several sectors such as energy, healthcare, aerospace & defense, consumer electronics, surveys, and industrial. A magnetometer is an instrument with a sensor that measures magnetic flux density …

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Quantum navigation is emerging technology for GPS denied and deep space environments

Quantum sensing promises to revolutionise several areas for the military, from providing highly accurate positioning data to detecting submarines in the world’s oceans. “Quantum sensing uses some nonintuitive properties of nature to measure things like time, magnetic fields, gravity, or acceleration,” explains Paul Kunz, a scientist at the US Army …

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Quantum repeater technology breakthroughs pave the way for Quantum internet—the quantum version of the current Internet

Quantum encryption using single photons is a promising technique for boosting the security of communication systems and data networks, but there are challenges in applying the method over large distances due to transmission losses. Currently Most Quantum Communication links are direct point-to-point links through telecom optical fibers and, ultimately limited to …

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