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Quantum (QRNG) or True Random Number Generator (TRNG) technology for post quantum cryptography, Mobile and IoT security and impenetrable encryption of military communications

Random numbers are important in many fields of scientific research and real-life applications, such as fundamental physical research, computer science and the lottery industry.  They also serve as foundation in many security applications including encryption, authentication, signing, key wrapping and other cryptographic applications.   In cryptography, the one-time pad (OTP) is …

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Integrated quantum photonics technology promise practical quantum computers at room temperature

The first quantum technology that harnesses quantum mechanical effects for its core operation has arrived in the form of commercially available quantum key distribution systems. This technology achieves enhanced security by encoding information in photons such that an eavesdropper in the system can be detected. Anticipated future quantum technologies include …

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Researchers creating new phase of matter ‘Time crystals,’ predicted to hold the key to quantum computer

The second law of thermodynamics,  states that systems naturally tend to settle in a state known as “maximum entropy”  reflective of the fact that all things tend to move towards less useful, random states. As time goes on, systems inevitably degenerate into chaos and disorder – that is, entropy. Time …

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Quantum software tools and Quantum frameworks plays a critical role in exploiting the full potential of quantum computing systems in AI, machine learning, big data science, and optimisation

Global Quantum computing race is heating up among nations as well as between different organizations. In a major development, the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in June 2021 demonstrated what researchers claim is the world’s fastest quantum computing processor, surpassing the previous and unofficial record held by …

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DARPA project for cryogenic cables and connectors for quantum computing

Cryogenic electronics is important for a growing number of applications, including superconducting classical computing, superconducting quantum computing and quantum annealing, and superconducting single-photon detector arrays. One of the more difficult aspects about developing a successful superconducting electronics technology at very low temperatures (~10 mK) is the lack of robust commercial …

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Emerging Quantum metamaterials and metasurfaces are an entirely new type of materials enabling quantum computers and sensors

Metamaterials are artificial materials designed to control the electromagnetic properties of a medium. Metasurfaces are the two-dimensional version of metamaterials: extremely thin surfaces made up of numerous subwavelength optical nanoantennas, each designed to serve a specific function upon the interaction with light. The metasurfaces contain regularly spaced nanoparticles that can …

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Quantum Computers in Healthcare Industry

Quantum technology field comprises four domains: Quantum Communication, where an individual or entangled photons are used to transmit data in a provably secure way; Quantum Simulation, where well-controlled quantum systems are used to reproduce the behavior of other, less accessible quantum systems; Quantum Computation, which employs quantum effects to dramatically …

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Military Quantum Camouflage and Stealth requirements as Quantum sensors advance

Quantum technologies exploit the fundamental laws of nature to reach the ultimate limits of sensing, imaging, communications and computing; in short, enabling leaps in the precision, accuracy and speed of technology. They are diverse, complex, and generally early in technical readiness and demand new ways of thinking about the employment …

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Quantum microwave photonics

By harnessing quantum superposition and entanglement, remarkable progress has sprouted over the past three decades from different areas of research in communication, computation and simulation.   Microwave photonics (MWP) typically using classic optical methods and devices to generate, transport, and process radio-frequency (RF) signals  is a recently developed area of …

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China emerging as new Quantum leader after series of breakthroughs driven by Industry

In 2016, President Xi Jinping established a national strategy for China to become technologically self-reliant. One of China’s main goals is to surpass the United States and to become the global high-tech leader.   China named quantum informatics a key plank in its 13th Five-Year Plan and the Made in …

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