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Satellite Ground Segment as a Service (GSaaS) enabled by Virtualization and Software-defined Ground Stations

The artificial satellite system has three operational components space segment,  user and ground segments). (1) the space segment, referring to the space vehicle in orbit. Space segment comprises the satellite or satellite constellation and the uplink and downlink satellite links. (2) the user segment, referring to end user devices that interact with …

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Learning Management System (LMS) Software in Healthcare

The tremendous development in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) has paved the way for e-learning. The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. This brings us great learning opportunities by having access to large amount of information with benefits in terms of time and cost savings. …

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Digital software-defined radar technology for Military

RADAR offers special advantages with respect to other types of sensors including all-day, all-weather operations, long detection distance and, depending on the frequency used, penetration. Moreover, radar can often be carried by a number of platforms, spanning from classic naval and airborne to more recent space-borne, UAVs, such as drones, …

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Space threats require Space Based Sensors (SBS) to enhance Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

There has been an exponential growth of space objects, including orbital debris that has increased the in-orbit collision risk. In the year 2019 alone, 385 smallsats were launched reaching a value close to 2900 in mid-2020 and still rapidly increasing. Moreover, taking into account all the applications filed by satellite …

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Smart farming transforming Agriculture by ICT technologies including AI, Robotics, IoT and Network technologies

Agriculture plays a fundamental role in the world both as a key source of livelihood and its role in the global food supply chain. It is a foundation of human survival. Agriculture is a multibillion-dollar industry and one of the largest in the world, accounting for almost 1% of GDP …

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Artificial Intelligence is transforming health sector and healthcare operations including Deep Medicine

Artificial Intelligence technologies aim to develop computers, or robots that match or exceed the abilities of human intelligence in tasks such as learning and adaptation, reasoning and planning, decision making and autonomy; creativity; extracting knowledge and making predictions from data.   Within AI is a large subfield called machine learning …

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China Chip making Semiconductor Industry catching up

Semiconductors are materials that have a conductivity between conductors and insulators. They can be pure elements, silicon or germanium or compounds; gallium, arsenide or cadmium selenide. Semiconductor Chips are the basic building blocks that serve as the heart and brain of all modern electronics and information and communications technology products. …

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3-D hologram technology advancing to Real-Time 3D Holograms on a Smartphone

We see things because our eyes are sophisticated light detectors: they constantly capture the light rays bouncing off nearby objects so our brain can construct an ever-changing impression of the world around us. When our eyes see a three-dimensional image such as apple, Light reflects off the surface of the apple …

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India catching up Artificial Intelligence (AI) weaponization Race among US, China and Russia

AI can provide significant societal and economic benefits to Nations. It is predicted that the global AI market will exceed $100 billion by 2025. Accenture analyzed 12 developed economies and found that AI has the potential to double their annual economic growth rates by 2035. AI is also a dual-use technology, …

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Quantum algorithms plays a critical role in exploiting the full potential of quantum computing systems in AI, machine learning, big data science, and optimisation

Quantum technology (QT) applies quantum mechanical properties such as quantum entanglement, quantum superposition, and No-cloning theorem to quantum systems such as atoms, ions, electrons, photons, or molecules. Quantum bit is the basic unit of quantum information.  Whereas in a classical system, a bit is either in one state or the another. …

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