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Nation backed cyber attacks led by Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran for cyber espionage and intellectual property theft

Nation backed cyber attacks have gained currency and notoriety over the past couple of years, with , China, North Korea and Iran taking the lead in actively supporting aggressive cyber attackers, according to Israeli cyber defence firm HolistiCyber CEO Ran Shahor.   Shahor, while speaking on ‘geo-political tension and national …

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DARPA EVADE to improve the cybersecurity of Military IoT/embedded devices

By 2025, it is predicted that there can be as many as 100 billion connected IoT devices or network of everyday objects as well as sensors that will be infused with intelligence and computing capability.  These devices shall comprise of personal devices such as smart watches, digital glasses and fitness …

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Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) are vulnerable to cyber attacks and need security and safety measures

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are bidirectional devices that allow communication between the brain and external systems, such as computers. Every action our body performs begins with a thought, and with every thought comes an electrical signal. The electrical signals can be received by the brain-computer interface, consisting of an electroencephalograph (EEG) …

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DARPA GECCO develop hackproof Military 5G communications

The New York Times reported  that the US government has defined 5G competition as a “new arms race.” According to the report, “whichever country dominates 5G will gain an economic, intelligence and military edge for much of this century.” The transition to 5G is a revolution and “this will be …

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AirForce Anti-tamper technologies requirement for reverse engineering (RE) attacks

Military technology can be compromised following foreign sales to an ally, accidental loss, or capture during a conflict by an enemy. There is a growing threat of reverse engineering US military systems by Russia and China. On the commercial side, China has a long history of reverse engineering intellectual property …

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Cyber Threats Targeting Food and Agriculture Sector (FA) and Cyber Security

Throughout much of the world, food and beverage safety and security is a high priority. Concomitantly, the economics, societal robustness, and security implications of agriculture, foodstuffs and beverages are massive. Extensive quality measures are in place to prevent and mitigate threats from manifesting; outbreak and contamination detection and response systems …

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With Rising threat in Space domain from Electronic to Cyber Warfare, Space agencies enhancing Cyber security measures

Space is increasing becoming another domain of conflict due to enhanced militarisation i.e. utilisation of space systems by defence forces to support military operations as well as space  weaponization with the proliferation of counter-space weapons. There are a variety of threats to space systems, from Direct ascent and co‐orbital anti-satellite …

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Cyber Warfare threat driving Defense Cyber Security market and new security technologies

In 2019, 1,473 data breaches in the U.S. led to the exposure of 164,683,455 confidential records, as per the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). Additionally, in May 2020 alone, 841,529 records were exposed in 108 data breach incidents. The records ranged from people’s financial and medical information to strongly protected …

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Quantum secure direct communication (QSDC)

Quantum communication refers to a quantum information exchange that uses photons as quantum information carriers over optical fibre or free-space channels.   Today, quantum data transfer rates remain quite low, and so communicating entire messages is not yet practical. Instead, Quantum Cryptography or Quantum key distribution (QKD) is being used …

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China’s Quantum satellites driving global unhackable ground and space network infrastructure

Cyberattacks are exponentially increasing over time, improving the security of communications is crucial for guaranteeing the protection of sensitive information for states and individuals. And Cyberwarfare is being used to damage the enemy’s critical information infrastructure including electricity grids, health sector, water supplies, telecommunications, and banking. For states, securing communications is …

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