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Optical Networks Vulnerabilities and Security threats

Optical networks are vulnerable to several types of security breaches or attacks, typically aimed at disrupting the service or gaining unauthorized access to carried data, i.e., eavesdropping. Depending on the aim of the attack, security breaches can induce financial losses to the clients or cause network-wide service disruption, possibly leading to huge …

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Quantum cryptography (QC) or Quantum key distribution (QKD) are assumed hackproof but its implementations have vulnerabilities

Quantum computers could undermine almost all of the encryption protocols that we use today. Though quantum computers are still quite some way from being practical, usable machines, once they become so, we could be looking at a whole new world when it comes to online privacy — one in which …

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Growing Cyber threat on supply chains and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) require Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

In its simplest form a supply chain is the activities required by the organisation to deliver goods or services to the consumer. A supply chain can take on the form of a product based supply chain or that of a service, where services come together to offer an overall customer …

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Threat of AI cyber crime and AI Cyber Warfare by adversaries

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are growing  an unprecedented rate. These technologies have many widely beneficial applications, ranging from machine translation, medical image analysis,  driverless  cars, digital assistants for nurses and doctors, to AI-enabled drones for expediting disaster relief operations. AI is lowering barriers to entry and empowering organizations around the …

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Cyber Moonshot and Accelerating Security of Systems with Emerging Technologies (ASSET)

The nation’s critical infrastructure is increasingly dependent on the Internet, while cybersecurity attacks are on the rise. Cybersecurity threats are becoming more frequent, more sophisticated, and more destructive—gradually eroding society’s trust in digital infrastructure. As technology continues to advance and every facet of daily life becomes increasingly interconnected, both the …

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Challenge of Attribution of Malicious Cyber Actors amidst growing Cyber attacks and Cyberwarfare

Cyber warfare refers to the use of technology to launch attacks on nations, governments and citizens, causing comparable harm to actual warfare using weaponry. Cyberwarfare has developed into a more sophisticated type of combat between countries, where you can destroy critical infrastructure such as power, telecommunications or banking by damaging …

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DARPA EA developed tools for timely, accurate threat information and Attribution of Malicious Cyber Actors like Russia and China

Malicious actors in cyberspace currently operate with little fear of being caught due to the fact that it is extremely difficult, in some cases perhaps even impossible, to reliably and confidently attribute actions in cyberspace to individuals. The reason cyber attribution is difficult stems at least in part from a …

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Cloud Security

Cloud computing has burst recently into technology and business scene promising great technical and economic advantages, like offering On-demand provisioning of computer services, improved flexibility and scalability as well as reducing costs. Another attractive point of the cloud is its ability to enable a mobile workforce, which brings enhanced flexibility …

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Quantum (QRNG) or True Random Number Generator (TRNG) technology for post quantum cryptography, Mobile and IoT security and impenetrable encryption of military communications

Random numbers are important in many fields of scientific research and real-life applications, such as fundamental physical research, computer science and the lottery industry.  They also serve as foundation in many security applications including encryption, authentication, signing, key wrapping and other cryptographic applications.   In cryptography, the one-time pad (OTP) is …

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Cyber Security of Aircraft avionics on commercial and military aircrafts

Avionics are the electronic systems used on aircraft. Aircraft avionics is the most crucial component of aircraft systems and helps in providing various operational and virtual information in-flight and on the ground. The avionics system receives data from the air traffic management system and feeds this information to the pilot …

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