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‘Parallel Reality’: New screen technology that uses ‘magic pixel’ to display personalised content to multiple people

Synaps Labs displayed a billboard in Moscow changed the ad on its display based on the brand of car passing by. The billboard was created by, which used high-speed cameras placed 180 meters in front of the billboard to take pictures of cars. Machine-learning software determined each car’s make and …

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Optical memory technologies promise speed of light computing, energy efficient data centers, 360 TB capacity and million year lifespan

The explosion of connected devices and digital services is generating massive amounts of new  data. Digital world is growing exponentially from 4.4 zettabytes (10 21 or 1 sextillion bytes) of digital data created in 2013 to an expected 44 zettabytes by 2024. To make this data useful, it must be stored and analyzed …

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Army plans Laser Directed Energy Weapons to be deployed on Military trucks

Laser weapons use high power lasers to  damage or destroy adversary equipment, facilities, and personnel. The technology provides major advantages for military applications due to High precision and rapid on-target effect, precise and scalable effects, Avoidance of collateral damage caused by fragmenting ammunition, Low logistics overhead and minimum costs per …

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Polymer Photonics has wide applications for future small satellite systems, chemical and biological sensing and secure data storage

Silicon, which has been a leading material in microelectronic industry for decades, is an attracting platform for photonic Integrated Circuits ( PICs )  thanks to transparency in the most widely used telecom wavelength bands, high refractive index contrast with cladding materials (SiO2, polymers, air), well-known processing conditions and production scalability …

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DARPA hybrid analog, digital, photonic and electronic processor technologies for real-time signal intelligence

U.S. military researchers are asking for industry’s help in developing a combination hybrid analog, digital, photonic, and electronic processor to help analyze RF and optical signals for situational awareness. The project seeks to enable U.S. and allied warfighters to understand in near-real-time all the waveform details, source type and class, …

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DARPA developing software-reconfigurable Passive and Active (LIDAR) imaging sensors from ultraviolet (UV) through very long-wave infrared (VLWIR)

Digital cameras use a focal plane array (FPA) to convert light energy into electrical energy that can be processed and stored. The FPA is a two-dimensional (2-D) array of photodetectors (or pixels) fabricated on an electro-optical material. Modern digital cameras contain FPAs that have pixel counts on the order of …

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US and China to deploy quantum ghost imaging sensors on battlefield and satellites for stealth plane tracking

China is developing a new type of spy satellite using ghost imaging technology which could spot stealth aircraft and see through smokescreens and camouflage.   Ron Meyers, quantum physicist at the Army Research Laboratory. Meyers explained ghost imaging, a technique that allows a high resolution camera to produce an image …

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DARPA’s HERMES developed next generation extremely wideband, jam-resistant radios, based on RF photonics technology

Access to spectrum is also critical for future swarm of UAVs, In a vision shared by innovators, entrepreneurs, and planners in both defense and civilian contexts, the skies of the future will be busy with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Unseen but central to the realization of this vision is wireless communication …

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US DOD developing space surveillance, Rendezvous and Proximity Operations capability in geosynchronous orbit for space deterrence

The most important element of space is geosynchronous orbit, a circular orbit 22,300 miles above the planet where satellites appear to be stationary above the surface of the earth. British science fiction writer, futurist and inventor Arthur C. Clark mathematically determined the orbit in 1947, the general said.   The …

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DARPA investing in breakthrough camera technologies like 4D camera, seeing around corners and digitally mapping the room for urban and unconventional warfare

Urban Warfare Operations are complicated by a three-dimensional environment, limited fields of view and fire because of buildings, enhanced concealment and cover for defenders, below-ground infrastructure, and the ease of placement of booby traps and snipers. DARPA  is  investing in many novel camera technologies . In the event of urban …

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