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New polarizer technologies can aid in detecting military targets from high altitude air and space platforms

Many types of sensors have been proposed for detection of small targets such as tanks and trucks including passive infrared imaging sensors and active Radars. Passive sensing systems, for many types of targets, especially airborne ones, use target motion as a cue for the target detection. However, for stationary small …

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Researchers developing LIDAR Payload for Manned and Unmanned Airborne Platforms that is able to detect the target hidden under foliage.

Situation awareness and accurate target identification are critical requirements both for security forces engaged in counterterrorism operations. Ground, airborne and space-borne radars and EO sensors have proved to be of great utility in  detection, tracking, and imaging of  vehicles to  high speed fighter aircrafts,   locating mortars and artillery,  over the …

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Insitu ScanEagle flying ViDAR Payload enhances Maritime security by spotting and positively identifying objects under clear sun to wind, rain, haze and fog.

ViDAR, or visual radar, is the term coined by Australian computer vision specialist Sentient for a newly developed sensor that combines a high-definition electro-optic (EO) camera with automatic target detection algorithms to detect small maritime targets.   The ScanEagle drone from Insitu  equipped with the ViDAR payload showcased its newest …

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DARPA’s CMUVT and LUSTER provided Ultraviolet Thrust for Chemical & Biological Warfare, Missile warning, Atomic Clocks and Communications

Among all the electromagnetic waves in the universe, the most relevant to us are those in the visible spectrum. It is the radiation at these wavelengths that enables us to see our surroundings and live, by breathing in oxygen generated by photosynthesis. Ultraviolet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength from …

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