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D-Wave’s 5000 qubit Analog quantum processor handles 1 million variables for large-scale, business-critical problems, now plans gate-based quantum computing

D-Wave is the only company selling  large quantum computers. It sold its first system in 2011 . The earlier  D-Wave 2X™ quantum computing system featured a 1000+ qubit quantum processor and numerous design improvements that resulted  in larger problem sizes, faster performance and higher precision. “Breaking the 1000 qubit barrier marks the …

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Global Fiber Optic Cable Market

Fiber optics, or optical fibers, are long, thin strands of carefully drawn glass about the diameter of a human hair. These strands are arranged in bundles called optical cables. We rely on them to transmit light signals over long distances.   Optical fibers typically include a glass structure called core …

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Growing Cyber threat on supply chains and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) require Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)

In its simplest form a supply chain is the activities required by the organisation to deliver goods or services to the consumer. A supply chain can take on the form of a product based supply chain or that of a service, where services come together to offer an overall customer …

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Russia & China Strategic partnership now expanded to aerospace, military and cyber, posing threat to US and allies

Russia has asked China for military equipment since its Feb. 2022 invasion of Ukraine, the Financial Times and Washington Post reported, citing U.S. officials. Russia, which calls its action in Ukraine a “special operation,” and China have tightened cooperation as they have come under strong Western pressure over human rights …

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Electronic Components Market

An electronic components is a physical entity in an electronic device that is used to affect the electronic field. Electronic components are categorized into two types i.e. active components and passive components. Active electronic components are used to produce energy in the form of voltage, whereas passive electronic components are used …

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DoD Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes (RAMP)

In Oct 2020,  the Department of Defense announced it has awarded over $197 million to advance microelectronics technology and strengthen the American microelectronics industrial base. This critical industry will underpin the development of other Department of Defense technology priorities such as artificial intelligence, 5G communications, quantum computing, and autonomous vehicles. …

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DARPA call for innovative mission system concepts and Breakthrough Technologies for peer adversaries

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Strategic Technology Office (STO) DARPA has released a broad agency announcement (BAA) in Nov 2021 on a funding opportunity for research and development of mission system concepts to help the U.S. military address the challenges of peer competition.   For decades, the United …

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Artificial-Intelligence Race among Countries to strengthen economy, solve societal challenge and transform industries

Artificial intelligence (AI) term was coined by John McCarthy, defined it as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. The field was founded on the claim that a central property of humans, intelligence can be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. The general …

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Oligonucleotide synthesis

The synthetic biology, the design and construction of biological devices and systems, promises  to augment biological life, in order to have it producing outcomes which we dictate. It is used for designing and constructing new biological parts, devices, and systems as well as for re-designing of existing, natural biological systems …

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Advanced Rocket and Missile Propulsion Systems market driven by space tourism , exploration and military missions

A missile refers to a weapon propelled by its own power device, and its flight is controlled by a control system and directed to a target, while a rocket is an aircraft propelled by the reaction force generated by a rocket engine.   A rocket is defined as a technologically …

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