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Green propellants for next-generation green launch vehicles and spacecraft

In recent years, small satellites have become a popular tool for accessing space. CubeSats in particular offer a standardized platform for ride-along access to space, carrying payloads for space-based science research or technology demonstrations. These systems are typically on the order of less than a cubic meter in volume and …

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Unmanned Autonomous helicopters for emergency relief and military operations

The helicopter is a type of aircraft which is lifted and propelled by one or more sets of horizontally revolving overhead rotors.  It has two rotors that spin several blades. A blade is a tilted airfoil, just like an airplane wing. As it speeds through the air, each blade generates …

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Manned Unmanned Teaming of Aircrafts for Future Air combat

Manned-unmanned Teaming (MUT) is the operation of manned and unmanned assets in concert towards a shared mission objective.  It has significant applications in the civilian world, particularly in firefighting, search and rescue operations, hazmat incidents, and law enforcement.   Recent progress in the development of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) / Urban …

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Hypersonic Aircraft race for commercial and military

Hypersonic refers to aircraft, missiles, rockets, and spacecraft that can reach atmospheric speeds in excess of Mach 5, which is almost 4,000 miles per hour or 6,125 kilometers per hour or more. Hypersonic flight is flight through the atmosphere below about 90 km at speeds greater than Mach 5, a …

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Nanobiophotonics multidisciplinary field of nanotechnology, biomedical science, and photonics Applications

This is the age of multidisciplinary frontiers in science and technology where major breakthroughs are likely to occur at the interfaces of disciplines.   Light has always fascinated mankind and since the beginning of recorded history, it has been both a subject of research and a tool for the investigation …

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Photonic and Optical Coatings vital for military operations

Optical coatings are widely used in applications including architecture, consumer electronics, solar panels, automotive, medical, telecommunication, and military & defense.   Optical or photonic coatings are generally used to increase the reflection, transmission, or polarization properties of a component, e.g., prisms, polarizing films, color filters, mirrors, diffraction mosaics, and refractory …

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Continuous Manufacturing technology for “pharmacy on demand,”

The manufacturing of pharmaceuticals has lagged behind the research and development of new therapeutics. The same batch processes that were used over a century ago are still being used today, while other industries have moved forward with automated and continuous operations (eg, fine chemical, oil, gas, and food industries)   …

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Missile manufacturing

In military terminology,  a missile is a guided airborne ranged weapon capable of self-propelled flight usually by a jet engine or rocket motor. Missiles have five system components: targeting, guidance system, flight system, engine, and warhead. Missiles come in types adapted for different purposes: surface-to-surface and air-to-surface missiles (ballistic, cruise, …

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Aircrafts and Rockets for global military logistics, space travel, asteroids and moon mining

Multiple countries are developing the ability to mine in space, specifically on the moon and on asteroids. The moon stands out as a nearby example of what will soon be the site of regular operations. The moon is home to hundreds of billions of dollars-worth of natural resources, including helium-3, …

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