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Fire safety of High-rise buildings several unique challenges require new solutions and technologies

The World Trade Center events of September 11, 2001, focused the world’s attention on high-rise buildings. Since that time, there have been several other events that have kept the world’s attention on high-rise building fire safety, including fires in Madrid, Venezuela, and two in Chicago. The two deadliest high-rise fires …

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Countries plan mitigating high-risks of AI technology by strict regulation and trustworthy and explainable AI development

The  first wave of AI was rule-based and “second wave” was based on statistical-learning.  Machine learning (ML) methods have demonstrated outstanding recent progress and, as a result, artificial intelligence (AI) systems can now be found in myriad applications, including autonomous vehicles, industrial applications, search engines, computer gaming, health record automation, …

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Enhancing endpoint protection needs to be a top priority for civilian & military

Nation-states, organised crime, hacktivists and deliberate and unintentional insider attacks are at risk of organisations of all sizes. Endpoints such as mobile devices, desktops, laptops, and even medical and IoT devices are a popular attack vector, and the goal of an attacker is to not only compromise the endpoint but …

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Future Software intensive and software defined military systems need new policies and technologies to field, maintain, update and upgrade software

Software is everywhere and is in almost everything that the Department operates and uses. Software drives our weapon systems; command, control, and communications systems; intelligence systems; logistics; and infrastructure, and it drives much of the backroom enterprise processes that make the Department function. If cyber is the new domain in …

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Future Smart Soliders require Man-portable military electronic systems

The vision for the future soldier is to be combat effective and also highly mobile, adaptive, networked, sustainable with total battle space situation awareness and information assurance. Therefore, he is equipped with night- vision goggles, radios, smartphones, GPS, infrared sights, a laptop as well as batteries to power them.   …

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France thrust on counter terrorism initiatives after glaring security gaps exposed by brazen attacks

France suffered a series of deadly terror attacks in November 2015. In 2015, the brazen murders of 17 innocent people, in three separate attacks in as many days, have revealed serious breaches and lapses in the French system of intelligence, surveillance and security, according to numerous counterterrorism experts. In July …

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DARPA CONCERTO developing single reconfigurable UAV payload for communications, radar and electronic warfare functions to enhance UAS adaptability and mission efficiency

Unmanned Aerial Systems are gaining more importance every single day. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are used for both defensive and offensive purposes. Different sizes and capabilities of UAS support a variety of different applications. Improved networking capabilities have enlarged the boundaries of UAS operations. Nations are working on more complex and …

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Changing role of Military Scientific and Technical Intelligence ( S&TI)

If the Militaries are to fight and win in future wars, it must thoroughly understand the challenges that it will face and how those challenges will impact the way it intends to fight. It must act now to ensure that it possesses a technological edge over its adversaries. This is …

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DARPA OPS-5G to mitigate security threats facing 5G and future wireless networks in military appliations

5G is the latest in a series of evolutions in public mobile networking, with widespread coverage and access on a subscription basis. 5G networks are characterized by improved capabilities across a variety of measures, including throughputs, latencies, numbers of devices, and battery life. 5G is used to attach small special …

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Militaries developing wide range of aircrafts for electronic-warfare capable of tactical jamming to ectronic attack

All modern forces depend on unimpeded access to, and use of, the EM spectrum in conducting military operations. Therefore, there is a requirement to gain and maintain an advantage in the electromagnetic spectrum by countering adversary’s systems and protecting one’s own systems. Thus the EM spectrum can no longer be …

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