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India upgrading to Smart and Comprehensive Integrated Border Management (CIBMS) to guard its long, difficult and porous borders, Amid China border row

The long, porous and difficult  borders have created the security challenges of illegal immigration, cross border terrorism, narcotics and arms smuggling, abetment of separatists and left -wing extremism and separatist movements aided by external powers. Pakistan policy of supporting cross border terrorism has led to constant border skirmishes along the …

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Autonomous shipping or Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) is the future of the maritime industry

Autonomous ships refer to the ships that are remote built ships where operations are performed by remote control mechanism. These operations are operated by the humans located at the shore. Autonomous requires high quality systems and reliable communication system which work with the assistance of connectivity, control algorism and sensor …

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Optics and Photonics in Space

Photonics is rapidly transforming into an enabling space technology with potential to cross-fertilize multiple markets in the space domain. Among them: navigation, remote sensing and telecommunications, as well as ground-breaking scientific and planetary exploration missions.   Because of advantages related to bandwidth, mass, power consumption, beam size and immunity to …

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