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Organic or Plastic electronics promising for batteries, solar cells

While conventional electronics like computers and smartphones are built around silicon integrating billions of transistors and is manufactured using complex, costly and wasteful processes in multi-billion dollar foundries , organic electronics aim to replace this by “organic” semiconductors which are long chains of thousands of repeating molecules (a plastic), made …

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Machine learning for radio frequency systems from wireless and Cognitive Radio to Militrary Radars

US  considers the Electromagnetic domain that is the electromagnetic spectrum portion of the information environment as a domain of Warfare. Assured access to the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is critical to communications, radar sensing, command and control, time transfer, and geo-location and therefore for conducting military operations. The …

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Man portable military systems require Low Power Electronics technologies

The vision for the future soldier is to be combat effective and also highly mobile, adaptive, networked, sustainable with total battle space situation awareness and information assurance. Therefore, he is equipped with night- vision goggles, radios, smartphones, GPS, infrared sights, a laptop as well as batteries to power them.   …

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