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China leads the geostrategic race to exploit deep sea minerals

The oceans, which covers seventy percent of our earth’s surface are believed to be able to satisfy our need of minerals like gold, copper, silver, zinc, cobalt and manganese for the next hundred years. Water is heated in the Earth’s crust by magma and rises up through fissures, venting into …

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Wireless power for drones and drone swarms

Defense and Security have also deployed advanced UAVs  for a wide variety of  critical missions. They provide capability to fight effectively in urban areas against widely dispersed forces, while minimizing collateral damage and achieving information superiority. The UAVs  have become one of the essential constituents  of all militaries to  perform …

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DARPA CCU developing AI enabled automated cultural interpreters and dialogue assistants

The Department of Defense (DoD) is one of many government agencies that operates globally and is in constant contact with diverse cultures. Communicative understanding, not simply of local languages but also of social customs and cultural backgrounds, lies at the heart of Civil Affairs and Military Information Support Operations activities. …

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