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Very High throughput satellites (V/HTS), with spot beams can provide more than 100 Gbits/ sec military satellite communications

Multibeam satellite systems make it possible to reduce the size of earth stations and hence the cost of the earth segment. Frequency re-use from one beam to another permits an increase in capacity without increasing the bandwidth allocated to the system.   With single beam antenna coverage, it is therefore …

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Distributed quantum sensor networks

The overarching goal of quantum information science and its enabled emerging quantum technologies is to demonstrate capabilities beyond what is allowed by their classical counterparts. Sensing is an arena that quantum technologies can achieve advantages over classical sensing technologies for practical applications in the near term. Quantum metrology studies the …

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Military applications of Ultravoilet spectrum becoming feasible with Technology breakthroughs

The electromagnetic spectrum is a series of frequencies ranging from radio waves to microwaves, visible light, X-rays, and gamma rays. As the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation shortens, the waves have a higher frequency—how quickly electromagnetic waves follow each other—and therefore more energy.   Ultraviolet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation with …

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