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Facial recognition widely employed in commercial, Security and Military applications

Facial recognition is a way of using software to determine the similarity between two face images in order to evaluate a claim. The technology is used for a variety of purposes, from signing a user into their phone to searching for a particular person in a database of photos.   …

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Space debris cleaning technologies are dual use can disable adversary satellites

There has been exponential growth in debris accumulated from over 60 years of space activities. It is estimated that the total number of space debris objects in Earth orbit is in the order of: 22,000 – for sizes larger than 10 cm, 600,000 – for sizes larger than 1 cm …

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Synthetic biology, the biggest innovation of the 21st century, widely applied in medical, energy, chemical, environmental, agriculture, and military

It is anticipated that the world will face increased competition for limited and finite natural resources given a growing population, increasing pressure on our food and health systems, and climate change and associated environmental degradation decimating our primary production systems.   Synthetic biology  is defined as the application of science, …

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