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DARPA Cornucopia to produce palatable food from microorganisms for soldiers

With nutritional status being central to success in battle, food technology has long been considered an enabler for military operations. Food technology has been instrumental in ensuring that troops remain “fit to fight”. Early military leaders realised that how well their men were fed played a crucial role in success …

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Countries race to exploit emerging Quantum revolution into defense and security

Technology is increasingly important for military and national security. On the one hand, advances in cyber, medical, materials science, and robotics technologies offer potential for our security and prosperity. At the same time, reliance on these technologies creates vulnerabilities to attack. Quantum technology translates the principles of quantum physics into …

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Smart 3D printed combat helmet for soldiers

More than 430,000 U.S. service members were diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury from 2000 to 2020, and up to 35% of men and women in the military have suffered a concussion during combat. Now, researchers are working to modernize the standard issue military helmets, using the latest technology to save …

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