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US is deploying Navy Platform SBX1 to trigger Earthquakes in North Korea, as HAARP weapon, is it pure speculation?

The US Navy’s Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX-1) a floating, self-propelled, mobile, active electronically scanned array radar station, is a part of Ground-Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.

The SBX-1 serves as the largest and most sophisticated phased array electro-mechanically steered X-band radar in the world. Steering electronically within its field of coverage and mechanically in azimuth and elevation allows the radar to track a full 360 degrees in azimuth and about 90 degrees in elevation from near the horizon to the zenith.

Approximately 45,000 transmit/receive modules in the radar operate together to form the radar beam, which is capable of tracking an object the size of a baseball at a distance of approximately 2,900 miles (4,700 km) away.

The primary task SBX will carry out is identification of enemy warheads from decoys, followed by precision tracking of the identified warheads. The first such vessel is scheduled to be based in Adak Island, Alaska, part of the Aleutian Islands. From that location it will be able to track missiles launched toward the US from both North Korea and China. The radar will guide land-based missiles from Alaska and California, as well as in-theatre assets.

The HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Project) site uses a large phased array antenna, 180 dipole antennas arranged as a rectangular planar array, to concentrate and focus up to 3.6 MWatts in 2.8 – 10 MHz radiation in the ionosphere.

It has been shown that this ionospheric heating of ionosphere with high-frequency (HF) radiation in the megahertz range can generate ELF waves. In the presence of natural currents such as the auroral electrojet, ON-OFF modulation of this HF energy can impose an ELF/VLF alternating current onto those natural currents. This technique turns the lower atmosphere into a large antenna, which radiates energy downwards towards the Earth ionosphere and upward into the magnetosphere.

According to one theory, ELF waves have the potential to generate earth movements and vibrations. It has the capability to cause disturbance of volcanoes and tectonic plates. It is reported that many earthquakes in history has been preceded with detection of ELF waves.

In recent news it has been reported that US is deploying SBX1 in pearl harbor to trigger Earthquakes in North Korea, as HAARP weapon. Since SBX-1 Radar transmits in X-Band, it seems unlikely that its transmission could interact with ionosphere to generate ELF/VLF waves, and even more unlikely to cause earthquakes.

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