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Countries race to develop UAV swarms for military force protection, precision firepower, and ISR capabilities in urban operations

Criminals and militants have now started using swarm of commercial available drones thereby engancing their effectiveness and lethality. The Russian Ministry of Defence claims its forces in Syria were attacked by a swarm of home-made drones – the first time such a coordinated assault has been reported in a military action. …

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Ultra-thin membrane Flexible Lasers could be used as wearable CBRN sensors, Chip spectroscopy to data-communication

Organic semiconductors enable the fabrication of a range of lightweight and mechanically flexible optoelectronic devices. Organic LEDs, solar cells, and field-effect transistors are now routinely made in bendable or even stretchable formats and with extremely low specific weights.   Most organic semiconductor lasers, however, have remained rigid and relatively bulky …

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USAF requires Seamless multi-domain communications “network of networks” fabric across C2ISR enterprise for implementing multi domain operations

Developing and delivering air superiority for the highly contested environment in 2030 requires a multi-domain focus on capabilities and capacity, according to the unclassified version of the Air Superiority 2030 Flight Plan.  “After 25 years of being the only great power out there, we’re returning to a world of great …

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New sensor protection technologies to mitigate threat of growing laser designators and Directed Energy Weapons

Military forces worldwide are increasingly using lasers for many purposes including, range finding, anti-missile systems, target designation, ranging of guided munitions and the neutralizing of enemy weapon systems. Therefore soldiers and military vehicles like tanks have also become vulnerable to laser attacks. Militaries are also planning to employ laser directed energy weapons …

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