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Quantum navigation is emerging technology for GPS denied and deep space environments

Quantum sensing promises to revolutionise several areas for the military, from providing highly accurate positioning data to detecting submarines in the world’s oceans. “Quantum sensing uses some nonintuitive properties of nature to measure things like time, magnetic fields, gravity, or acceleration,” explains Paul Kunz, a scientist at the US Army …

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Quantum repeater technology breakthroughs pave the way for Quantum internet—the quantum version of the current Internet

Quantum encryption using single photons is a promising technique for boosting the security of communication systems and data networks, but there are challenges in applying the method over large distances due to transmission losses. Currently Most Quantum Communication links are direct point-to-point links through telecom optical fibers and, ultimately limited to …

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Error-correction in Quantum Computers using Machine learning and Neural Networks proving successful strategy

‘The development of a “quantum computer” is one of the outstanding technological challenges of the 21st century. A quantum computer is a machine that processes information according to the rules of quantum physics, which govern the behaviour of microscopic particles at the scale of atoms and smaller said Dr Chris …

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Next Quantum Cryptology (QKD) revolution is Quantum Communications between Drone and ground and between drones

Quantum cryptography is an emerging technology in which two parties may simultaneously generate shared, secret cryptographic key material using the transmission of quantum states of light. A unique aspect of quantum cryptography is that Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle ensures that if Eve attempts to intercept and measure Alice’s quantum transmissions, her …

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Quantum Gravity Sensor technology advancing for oil, gas and mineral exploration, resilient maritime navigation to brain mapping

Quantum sensors are measuring device that takes advantage of quantum correlations, such as states in a quantum superposition or entanglement, for better sensitivity and resolution than can be obtained by classical systems.  QP will boost the capabilities of all sorts of sensory devices, such as gravimeters, which are used to …

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Verification of Quantum computers is significant challenge on the road to scalable quantum computing technology.

Quantum chips perform computations using quantum bits, called “qubits,” that can represent the two states corresponding to classic binary bits — a 0 or 1 — or a “quantum superposition” of both states simultaneously. The unique superposition state can enable quantum computers to solve problems that are practically impossible for …

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Dedicated Hardware for Quantum Machine Learning to usher new era in AI by exponential speedup of applications

Quantum computing and quantum information processing is expected to have immense impact by performing tasks too hard for even the most powerful conventional supercomputer and have a host of specific applications, from code-breaking and cyber security to medical diagnostics, big data analysis and logistics.   One of the areas where …

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Molecular spintronics for could help make quantum computing a reality

Spintronics is an emerging field of nanoscale electronics  whose central theme is the active manipulation of spin degrees of freedom of charge carriers in solid-state systems, in addition to their electronic charge used in traditional semiconductor electronics. Spintronics or spin electronics in contrast to conventional electronics uses the spin of electrons …

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Intelligence agencies prepare for post quantum world when current public key cryptology will be easily broken by quantum Computers

Modern cryptography being used extensively for securing our internet payments, banking transactions, emails and even phone conversations use cryptographic algorithms based on public-key encryption, which is considered to be secure against attacks from modern computers.   The development of quantum computers once seen as a remote theoretical possibility is now …

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Europe launch OpenQKD project to enhance security of its Critical Information Infrastructure through Quantum Communications

The race to conquer the quantum domain is among the most fiercely competitive in today’s world of technology. “Quantum technologies will lead to major advances in precision timing, sensors and computation, destined to have a major impact on the finance, defence, aerospace, energy, infrastructure and telecommunications sectors.” The UK  Government …

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