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US Army’s Warfighter Network (WIN-T) provides high-speed, high-capacity and secure reliable voice, video and data communications anytime, anywhere without the need for fixed infrastructure

Today’s soldiers expect to have network access anywhere, anytime. With the Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T), enables mission command and secure reliable voice, video and data communications on-the-move anytime, anywhere without the need for fixed infrastructure.   First deployed in Iraq in 2004, WIN-T meant soldiers “had a high-speed, interoperable voice …

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Cloning technology is advancing from cloning pets to perfect soldiers for an undefeatable army

Cloning is the process of taking genetic information from one living thing and creating identical copies of it. The copied material is called a clone. Geneticists have cloned cells, tissues, genes and entire animals. Although this process may seem futuristic, nature has been doing it for millions of years. For example, …

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Militaries fielding portable Manpack electronic warfare systems to gather intelligence and as offensive electronic attack system

Electronic warfare (EW) is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack of an enemy, or impede enemy assaults via the spectrum. The purpose of electronic warfare is to deny the opponent the advantage of, and ensure friendly unimpeded access to, …

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US military developing brain implants to treat depression and PTSD in soldiers and boosting memory

Large number of Americans suffer from PTSD. PTSD is a condition in which individuals feel anxiety and panic when reminded of a traumatic event. Current statistics suggest that between 6.8 and 10.1 percent of Americans will develop PTSD in their lifetimes making it the 5th most common psychiatric illness. “For …

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DARPA ElectRx developed automatic Self-Healing of Body by stimulating nerves by light, electricity, sound and magnets

Service members are subject to extreme physical injury and mental stress.  Wounded soldiers often experience substantial pain, which must be addressed before returning to active duty or civilian life. Pain represents a serious and widespread problem both over the short term for wounded soldiers on the battlefield and during rehabilitation, …

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DARPA BOLT developing handheld device that can translate Language in real time

Being able to converse with people who don’t speak English is essential for the Army, since every day, Soldiers are partnering with militaries in dozens of countries around the world. A number of speech-translator devices are available commercially, and Soldiers have been using them. However, speech translators are seldom completely accurate …

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Soft Robotics transforming military from soft exosuit to explosive ordnance disposal

Robots have already become an indispensable part of our lives. However currently, most robots are relatively rigid machines which make unnatural movements. Inspired by living organisms, soft material robotics hold great promise for areas where robots need to contact and interact with humans, such as manufacturing and healthcare. Unlike rigid robots, …

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Skin patches to diagnose diseases, monitor soldiers’ health, and stress levels in combat

Biomedical sensors present an exciting opportunity to measure human physiologic parameters in a continuous, real-time, and nonintrusive manner by leveraging semiconductor and flexible electronics packaging technology. These sensors incorporate a broad range of advances in microelectromechanical (MEMS), biological and chemical sensing, electrocardiogram (ECG), electromyogram (EMG), and electroencephalogram (EEG)-based neural sensing …

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Computers and drones begin to understand human body language through Gesture recognition and control

The way we interact with our machines has changed dramatically in the past decade evolving from buttons and toggles, motion sensors, keyboards, touch screens to new more hands-free forms of human-machine interface (HMI) such as speech-recognition interfaces. The ultimate aim is to bring interactions with computers as natural as an …

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Nanosensors integrated into military systems and wearables suits of warfighters, provide real time threat detection

Nanosensors are nanoscale devices that measure physical quantities and convert those quantities to signals that can be detected and analyzed.   Due to the unique properties associated with nanomaterials (large surface area and surface reactivity) and the possibility to integrate electronic circuitry and power system on the same chip, technologies …

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