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Brain on a Chip(BOC) technologies enable drug development of Brain diseases and assess impact of biological and chemical agents on the brain of soldiers

With the advent of an aging society, the disease incidence rate is increasing, and the cost of drug development and disease treatment is expanding exponentially. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly one billion people in the world suffer from neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s (AD) and Parkinson’s diseases. …

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DARPA’s BG+ is mitigating spinal cord injury of wounded warfighter, promoting healing in the battlefield

In November of 2016 Nature reported that the results of experiments in Beijing, in which a wireless brain implant — that stimulates electrodes in the leg by recreating signals recorded from the brain — has enabled monkeys with spinal-cord injuries to walk. “They have demonstrated that the animals can regain …

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DARPA’s INI developing AI algorithms of BCIs that allow troops to control unmanned systems using their brains.

Recent progress in central and peripheral neural interface technology has resulted in impressive capability demonstrations. These include the use of neural signals to control the reanimation of paralyzed muscles or to control high-dimensional prosthetic limbs, external robots, and even flight simulators. In many of these examples, sensory feedback from the …

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DARPA BETR plans a bioelectronic interface for Intelligent Healing for Soldier’s wounds through dynamic, adaptive, and precise human therapies

Nowhere is prompt and effective medical treatment more important than on the battlefield, where injuries are severe and conditions dangerous. Soldiers are vulnerable to many injuries on the battlefield, the most common combat wounds include: Blast wounds caused by landmines, grenades, IEDs (improvised explosive devices), and suicide bombings where the …

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New food technologies to enhance soldier perfomance for success in military operations.

With nutritional status being central to success in battle, food technology has long been considered an enabler for military operations. Food technology has been instrumental in ensuring that troops remain “fit to fight”. Early military leaders realised that how well their men were fed played a crucial role in success …

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DARPA calls for Neurological and Internal Organ Regeneration Biotechnology for wounded warriors

Some parts of our bodies can repair themselves quite well after injury, but others don’t repair at all. We certainly can’t regrow a whole leg or arm, but some animals CAN regrow – or regenerate – whole body parts. So what can we learn from these regenerative animals? Regeneration means …

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Metal Organic Framework(MOF) to protect and sustain Soldiers by storing hydrogen gas, providing clean drinking water and combating Chemical Warfare agents

On 7 April 2018, a suspected chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma was reported to have killed at least 40 people and injured up to 500, including women and children. When Australian soldiers based in Mosul were exposed to a low-grade chemical attack by Islamic State in April 2017, …

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US Army developing next generation small arms including Squad Automatic Rifle capable of accurately defeating current and future threats

The U.S. Army is currently evaluating a new small arms systems that could give their warfighters a serious edge, including squad weapon and sniper rifle. The Army is rolling along on multiple fronts in the small arms department, ranging from area weapons to those with a little more precision- to put …

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Next Robot revolution are robots with smart skin that can touch and feel

Robots have already become an indispensable part of our lives. Robots have revolutionized auto manufacturing, making plants safer and products more reliable — and reducing the number of people involved in the process. However, even inside a modern auto plant, robots have not been able to  replace the human touch …

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Augmented reality displays moving towards smart contact lenses to enable vision of invisible computing

Smart glasses refer to wearable computing devices that add information to what the user sees. These devices function in a way similar to mobile phones and tablets and have the ability of processing and implementing various programs and applications. A majority of the smart glasses currently used in the market …

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