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Growing collision risk to commercial shipping and unmanned surface vehicle (USV) , call for new technologies to improve Safe Navigation

The seas are becoming increasingly congested, with the IFT Transport Outlook 2019 predicting that demand for maritime trade could triple within the next 30 years. A large number of ships raises the chances of the collision.  Although the number of serious collisions  has fallen within the past decade with 132 …

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Threat of concealed weapon and missiles systems on standard international shipping container.

Containerized weapon systems are weapons built to carry everything they need to function inside a standard shipping container. Many nations including Russia, Israel, China, and the United States have had various “containerized” weapons in their stockpile for years now.   In 2010, it was reported that a Russian company is …

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Advancing Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technologies enable their employment for surveillance, and anti-submarine warfare

An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) is a robot that travels underwater without requiring input from an operator. AUVs constitute part of a larger group of undersea systems known as unmanned underwater vehicles, a classification that includes non-autonomous remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) – controlled and powered from the surface by …

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Cyber attacks on Port facilities can cause disruptions to Shipping operations

Maritime networks have become an attractive playground for hackers, with cyber-attacks on vessel OT networks and systems increasing by 900% over the past three years.  A ship’s onboard information technology and operational technology systems can be hacked just as easily as systems ashore. Such security breaches have the potential to …

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Soft Robotics for ocean exploration and reconnaissance missions of Navy

Most of the ocean is unknown. Yet we know that the most challenging environments on the planet reside in it. Understanding the ocean in its totality is a key component for the sustainable development of human activities and for the mitigation of climate change, as proclaimed by the United Nations. …

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US Navy operationalizing “Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO),” strategy integrating diverse autonomous unmanned vehicles UUV, USVs, UAVs

The U.S. Navy is pursuing a new Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO) concept that will help redefine how the Navy fights and operates. This major operating concept will soon play a significant role in how the Navy organizes its future force development.  The Distributed Maritime Operations (DMO) concept is extension of …

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Hydrophone and Hydrophone Array technology is enabler of Anti Submarine Warfare

A hydrophone is an underwater listening device, just as a microphone is used to detect sound in the air. Hydrophone detects sounds in the water and converts the acoustic energy into electrical energy by detecting changes in pressure in the surrounding environment. Hydrophones listen to sounds in the sea, but …

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Aircrafts & Drones are becoming increasingly important for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) missions

Three decades ago, only a handful of major powers had effective submarine capabilities but, today, fleets in operation around the world are growing rapidly. Emerging superpowers, like China, can add naval capacity equivalent to a European country’s in the space of a few years. The threat from submarines is serious …

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Indo-Pacific Feuds are leading to competition in Submarines and Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) Capability

Indo-Pacific today is evolving into a significant frontier in the international arena, with an unstable geopolitical equilibrium for sea dominance due to China’s expansionist plans.   South China and Asian Feuds are fuelling the race among nations to acquire Submarines and Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) Capability. The territorial disputes among …

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Sonar Systems are eyes and ears of ships or submarines in water used to detect, locate and identify mines and track stealthy submarines

Sonar (sound navigation and ranging) is a technology that uses acoustical waves to sense the location of objects in the ocean.  SOund Navigation And Ranging or SONAR is a technique of distance measuring between detector and an object base on sound reflection. The distance can be calculated from propagation time and …

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