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US Navy quest for developing Ultra-High-Speed Navy Vessel by developing technologies including super cavitation

Researchers at Penn State Applied Research Laboratory are developing a new system using a technique called supercavitation. Supercavitation is the use of cavitation effects to create a bubble of gas inside a liquid large enough to encompass an object travelling through the liquid, greatly reducing the skin friction drag on …

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US deploys E-2D to Japan for protection of US carriers from China’s J-20 and J-31 Stealth Aircrafts and cruise missiles and monitor its activities in South China Sea

The US Navy announced  that it will deploy its leading-edge early-warning surveillance aircraft E2D to Japan in February. The Hawkeye will deploy from the USS Ronald Reagan, the aircraft carrier assigned to the Asia-based Seventh Fleet. The Hawkeye can detect cruise-missile and ballistic-missile launches from long range, potentially allowing for the missile …

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US patents Quantum Entanglement based techniques for detection of stealthy Russian and Chinese submarines even under arctic

The US Government has now tuned to Quantum sensors to detect stealthy Russian and Chinese submarines. Quantum sensors are measuring device that takes advantage of quantum correlations, such as states in a quantum superposition or entanglement, for better sensitivity and resolution than can be obtained by classical systems. Quantum sensors …

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DoD’s Tern program will revolutionize small ships with persistent ISR and strike capabilities anywhere in the world.

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has moved to a third and final stage of an effort to launch medium-altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from US Navy’s relatively small surface ships like destroyers, frigates, and even freighters and expects an initial flight test in 2018.   …

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U.S. Navy developing Acoustic Undersea Navigation and Positioning system to provide GPS-like accuracy anywhere in the ocean

The unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) depend on stealth as they conduct surveillance and reconnaissance and other missions in the deep oceans. With GPS signals unable to penetrate the ocean’s surface, these UUVs can rely on inertial sensors to provide acceptable positioning information during short missions. On longer missions, however, inertial …

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A2/AD environment and Changing Roles of U.S. Navy’s Unmanned Carrier Launched Drone (UCLASS)

“China is building a modern and regionally powerful navy with a limited but growing capability for conducting operations beyond China’s near-seas region,” said CRS report “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities—Background and Issues for Congress.” “Observers believe China wants its military to be capable of acting as an …

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Russia’s new maritime doctrine for protecting Russian Interests in World’s Oceans

The Russians unveiled their new doctrine last Sunday on board the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, and in the presence of President Vladimir Putin. “The degree of Russia’s economic involvement in the global [economy] has increased in recent years. At the same time, rivalry for owning the resources of the World’s Oceans …

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