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Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA)’s Predictive Cyber Analytics Competition to develop proactive defence in a hostile and contested cyber environment.

Computing infrastructure is a key component of nearly all modern defence systems and providthroughes another attack surface for adversaries. Cyber security has been in an arms race for decades, with hackers continuously exposing new vulnerabilities and developers racing to patch them. Traditional cyber security methods only respond to known threats. However, …

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Quantum magnetometers breakthroughs promise ultimate precision sensors at room temperature using qubits and machine learning

A magnetometer is a device used to measure the direction and strength of the magnetic field at a particular location. Magnetometers are employed across several sectors such as energy, healthcare, aerospace & defense, consumer electronics, surveys, and industrial. A magnetometer is an instrument with a sensor that measures magnetic flux density …

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The importance, and challenges of Defense systems Reliability, maintainability, and availability (RAM) and it’s improvement

Reliability, maintainability, and availability (RAM) are three system attributes that are of great interest to systems engineers, logisticians, and users. Collectively, they affect both the utility and the life-cycle costs of a product or system.   Although significant improvements have been made in increasing the reliability of basic components such …

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DOD Identifies and Manages Manufacturing Risk and Readiness using MRLs

The Department of Defense (DOD) has a well-documented history of taking much longer and spending much more than originally planned to develop and acquire its weapons systems. In particular, as systems transition from development to production, programs experience significant manufacturing problems. Billions of dollars in cost growthoccur as programs transition …

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DARPA’s LogX to develop Real-time DOD logistics and supply chain system while improving its situational awareness (diagnosis), prediction (prognosis) and resilience.

The Department of Defense (DoD)’s Joint Logistics Enterprise, which spans both supply chain and logistics operations, provides the means to muster, transport, and sustain military power anywhere in the world at a high level of readiness. The Joint Logistics Enterprise is immense: for the Air Force alone, the number of aircraft …

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Reconfigurable or Adaptable Electronics technologies based on Nanotechnology enable resilient systems for Extreme Environments and multi-function adaptive military systems

Traditionally, electronics have been designed with static form factors to serve designated purposes. This approach has been an optimal direction for maintaining the overall device performance and reliability for targeted applications. As the world enters the age of ubiquitous computing, the need for reconfigurable hardware operating close to the fundamental …

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China’s two aircraft carriers, the Liaoning and the Shandong, recently completed military drills in the South China Sea, plans to launch its third aircraft carrier by end of 2020 or early 2021

In 2015, the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC, China) Ministry of National Defense published its military strategy which highlighted the increasing importance of maritime dominance stating that “the traditional mentality that land outweighs sea must be abandoned, and great importance has to be attached to managing the seas and oceans …

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DARPA’s RADICS develops Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation and Characterization Systems for cyber attacks on power grids

Across the United States, 3200 separate organizations own and operate electrical infrastructure. The widely dispersed nature of the nation’s electrical grid and associated control systems has a number of advantages, including a reduced risk that any single accident or attack could create a widespread failure from which it might take …

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Rapid MEMS growth driven by Internet of Things (IoT) devices, autonomous cars, fitness and healthcare wearables, and military applications

The emerging billions of  Internet of Things will need to connect billions of devices deployed in the physical world (the so-called “edge” of IoT) to the cloud, bringing real-world data and analytics to operations. …a challenge with current solutions.  Much of the Internet of Things (IoT) is mobile, and sensors …

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DARPA Launch Challenge to enable US DOD’s Operationally Responsive Space (ORS) strategy for Space warfare

Military today is more reliant on space than ever before including ISR, Electronic warefare, Communications, Command and control and ballistic Missile defence. The joint warfighter uses space to satisfy an ever expanding and diverse set of requirements such as  cutting the fog and friction of war or to enable net-centric …

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