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Nuclear Fusion Reactor technology breakthroughs, bringing the dream of unlimited source of clean, cheap energy to reality

There are two ways of using nuclear energy: fission, which is used in current nuclear power plants, and fusion.  In fission, heavy uranium atoms are broken into smaller atoms to release energy. Nuclear fusion is the opposite process: light atoms are transformed into heavier atoms to release energy, the same …

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Researchers creating new phase of matter ‘Time crystals,’ predicted to hold the key to quantum computer

The second law of thermodynamics,  states that systems naturally tend to settle in a state known as “maximum entropy”  reflective of the fact that all things tend to move towards less useful, random states. As time goes on, systems inevitably degenerate into chaos and disorder – that is, entropy. Time …

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ROVs for efficient underwater inspection

Ocean shipping continues to be the primary transportation method of billions of dollars in goods. As such a massive industry, safety is incredibly important. Underwater inspection of shipping vessels is important for many reasons. It saves money and time by understanding what is happening under your vessel without diver intervention. …

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China’s growing Arctic ambitions

As the Global warming is melting the Arctic ice, and opening up new shipping trade routes and real estate, intense resource competition over an estimated $1 trillion untapped reserves of oil, natural gas and minerals has started. Human activities have grown in the Arctic by almost 400 percent in the …

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Automotive Lightweight Materials

Advanced materials are essential for boosting the fuel economy of modern automobiles while maintaining safety and performance. Because it takes less energy to accelerate a lighter object than a heavier one, lightweight materials offer great potential for increasing vehicle efficiency. A 10% reduction in vehicle weight can result in a …

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New Active and Dynamic camouflage technologies and materials can turn troops and tanks invisible

Military camouflage has been the subject of continuous improvement and research for over 100 years – ever since the realisation that, supplying troops and equipment with colours matching the ambient environment could lead to improved protection and survivability.   Camouflage comproses  the use of any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment, either …

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NATO collaboration, cyber doctrine and command, enhancing Deterrence and cyber defense capabilities amid Russian and Chinese Cyber Warfare Threat

NATO has been accusing Russia, Iran and North Korea, among others, for carrying out cyber attacks  targeting US and Europe  with increasing activity with growing sophistication – although all have and continue to deny the accusations. In April 2018, US and UK issued a joint warning about the activities of Russia …

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Improved Lead-Acid Batteries including lead-crystal and carbon foam batteries making comeback

Virtually every modern naval weapons system, in fulfilling its mission, is highly dependent upon the performance characteristics of its electrochemical power supply. For example, batteries are used to power detection, guidance, control, ignition, propulsion, arming, fuzing, transmitting and jamming devices. The need for weapons with increased range, speed, endurance, sensitivity …

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Intensified cyber warfare actvities erupted amid growing tensions between Governments

Russia has sent more than 100,000 soldiers to the nation’s border with Ukraine, threatening a war unlike anything Europe has seen in decades. Though there hasn’t been any shooting yet, cyber operations are already underway. In Jan 2022, hackers defaced dozens of government websites in Ukraine, a technically simple but …

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Critical Infrastructure Protection Market

Networked technologies touch every corner of the globe and every facet of human life. They have driven innovation, nurtured freedoms, and spurred economic prosperity. Even so, the very technologies that enable these benefits offer new opportunities for malicious and unwanted cyber activities. Cyber-attacks are continuously growing in size and breadth, targeting …

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