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DARPA ASTARTE will enable airspace management of the dynamic airspace of adversary A2/AD, environments by providing a real-time, common operational picture

The airspace above future battlefields is expected to be increasingly congested with large numbers of unmanned aerial systems, manned aircraft, munitions and missiles filling the skies. The situation gets more complicated when considering that the usage of the airspace by all actors will increase significantly in the future, resulting in …

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Militaries developing new technologies to extend the golden hour of combat injuries

Military medicine can help win wars. Treating and then returning military personnel to duty — which has always been a primary mission of any military medical corps — maintains force strength. Moreover, knowing that they will be cared for and have a high chance of survival if injured boosts service …

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Indian MSMEs and Startups boosting innovation in defence and military preparedness

India’s security threats range from ‘two-and-a-half’ front war comprising of coordinated aggression by Pakistan in the West, China in the North and internal insurgencies in J&K, North East and Maoist/Naxalite violence, growing Chinese Navy activities in the Indian Ocean and COVID-19 pandemic. India shares a 3,323km land border with Pakistan, and an even …

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DARPA LongShot Program to Develop Air-Launched Air-to-Air Missile Carrying Drone

The US has fallen behind adversaries in developing long range Air to Aor missiles. While US Air Force had awarded a half-billion-dollar contract to Raytheon for long range air-to-air missile, capable of hitting enemy planes from 100 miles (160 kilometers) away. But China’s latest offering, the PL-15, and another Chinese …

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UK implementing National Strategy of Quantum Technology to become Global Leader in future Quantum industry

The demand for quantum technologies is being driven by large and significant societal challenges, including the need to build in more inhospitable places, for greater security around information and transactions, for better medicines and therapies, and to counter cyber terrorism. Technologies that will allow fire crews to see through smoke …

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2D nanomaterial technologies for high speed electronics, to military surveillance, energy storage devices, armors and weapon systems.

Many alternatives to silicon are being developed, as it is believed that silicon transistors will reach their technological limits. 2-Dimensional materials are a class of nanomaterials defined by their property of being merely one or two atoms thick. Electrons in these materials are free to move in the two-dimensional plane, …

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DOD looks to secure Content delivery Network (CDN) services to stream its mission-critical and sensitive information

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of web servers or Points of Presence (PoP) whose purpose is to provide faster content delivery. The content is replicated and stored throughout the CDN so the user can access the data that is stored at a location that is …

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Russia’s revolutionary T-14 Armata tank will be delivered in 2021, Russia claims its 20 years ahead of anything produced in the West

T-14 Armata tank is the newest addition to the Russian family tree of armored vehicles is, produced as part of Russia’s £250 billion military update programme. The Armata Universal Combat Platform consists of the T-14 main battle tank, the T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicle and the T-16 armored recovery vehicle, …

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Fluidic Propulsive System most silent propulsion for future Drones & Aircraft

In traditional aircraft design, airframes and engines are designed separately and bolted together. This leads to inefficiencies due to additional drag. The approach also leads to propulsive inefficiencies via non-distributed propulsion. Hovering and VTOL requirements introduce even more complexity, size and weight to the system.   Jetoptera’s design is a …

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Enzyme engineering enables design and construction of entirely new designer enzymes

Molecular biology and biochemistry are two closely related fields where the properties of key biological molecules, such as proteins and DNA, and how they interact with each other in living organisms are studied. Research in these areas has become so successful at explaining living processes that it is used in …

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