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Solution approaches to mitigate the threat of global shortage of battery minerals sources, and stalling the electric vehicle growth

The world is shifting to electric vehicles to mitigate climate change.  By 2040 it is estimated that there will be 56 million annual electric vehicle (EV) sales and  requirement of  1095 gigawatts of battery energy storage systems in the world. Batteries are also critical for military missions since mission success …

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Health impacts of Radionuclides in Drinking Water and technology solutions to remove them

Radionuclides are types of atoms that are radioactive. The most common radionuclides in drinking water are radium, radon and uranium. Radionuclides occur naturally as trace elements in rocks and soils as a consequence of the “radioactive decay” of uranium-238 (U-238) and thorium-232 (Th-232). As these rocks weather, the resulting clays …

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Mechanical Metamaterials enable new materials for Aerospace, energy storage, biomedical, acoustics, photonics, and thermal management

For centuries, the development of materials has solely relied on the modifications of its composition to alter mechanical properties. Despite being effective, it usually takes more than a decade for a newly discovered material to be in the market. Researchers have found new way to develop new materials via Mechanical …

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New Battery breakthroughs to power future consumer electronics, smart homes, electric vehicles and Military Missions

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have been workhorse of  the consumer electronics market including portable electronics, implantable devices, power tools, and hybrid/full electric vehicles (EVs) due to their ability to store large amounts of energy per unit weight and per unit volume, low self-discharge rate, long cycle life.  They are also relatively maintenance-free …

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Quantum sensor principles, technology and applications

We are in midst of the second quantum revolution moving from merely computing quantum properties of systems to exploiting them. Researchers are developing new capabilities in secure communication, ultra-sensitive and high signal to noise physical sensing of the environment and Quantum Information Science (QIS). Yet many scientists believe that quantum …

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Worldwide Race to 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 between Germany, US , Japan, China and India, China extends it to aerospace and defence

The first industrial revolution began in the 18th century when the power of the steam engine was harnessed and manufacturing first became mechanized. The Second used electric power and the assembly line mass production using the conveyor belts. The Third used electronics,  memory-programmable controls, computers and information technology to automate …

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Entangled Photon Sources is critical technology for secure quantum communication,  quantum computation and high-precision sensor technology.

Super-fast quantum computers and communication devices could revolutionize countless aspects of our lives. Quantum technological applications are based on various quantum phenomena and physical laws to which elementary particles are subjected.   The extraordinary promise of quantum technology—depend on quantum “entanglement,” in which the physical states of two or more …

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New Physical and behavioral Biometrics technologies with increased accuracy and security being developed

In 2019, 14.4 million consumers became victims of identity fraud — that’s about 1 in 15 people. There’s a new victim of identity theft every 2 seconds. Identity fraud is increasingly committed by sophisticated criminal organizations operating beyond the reach of outdated laws that do not address such crimes. A …

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New Airport Security technology breakthroughs combatting increasingly complex threat environment

Commercial aviation plays a central role in our daily lives and is an essential part of the national economy. More than 100,000 flights take off and land every day across the world. More than billion passengers go by air every year as do over  20 million  tonnes of freight. It …

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New thermal Management technologies for Mission-Critical Military Ground, Sea, Air and Space systems

The performance of electronics degrades as temperature increases from the ambient temperature. The temperature of a device increases when the device is on since no system operates at 100% efficiency. Output power is not equal to the power fed to the device, and the difference between this is power loss. …

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