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DARPA SC2 challenge use AI to optimize spectrum usage in Wireless Networks and Adaptive Radios to cooperatively share or dominate congested spectrum

Ongoing wireless revolution is fueling a voracious demand for access to the radio frequency (RF) spectrum around the world.  In the civilian sector, consumer devices from smartphones to wearable fitness recorders to smart kitchen appliances are competing for bandwidth. Around 50 billion wireless devices are projected to be vying for …

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DARPA ElectRx developed automatic Self-Healing of Body by stimulating nerves by light, electricity, sound and magnets

Service members are subject to extreme physical injury and mental stress.  Wounded soldiers often experience substantial pain, which must be addressed before returning to active duty or civilian life. Pain represents a serious and widespread problem both over the short term for wounded soldiers on the battlefield and during rehabilitation, …

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DARPA BOLT developing handheld device that can translate Language in real time

Being able to converse with people who don’t speak English is essential for the Army, since every day, Soldiers are partnering with militaries in dozens of countries around the world. A number of speech-translator devices are available commercially, and Soldiers have been using them. However, speech translators are seldom completely accurate …

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Requirement of New military technology for aircrews in Helicopters and small aircraft to detect and avoid thin artificial objects such as power lines

Helicopters and small aircraft flying at low altitude in the visual flight rules often strike against obstacles. According to the aircraft accident reports in Japan, many collisions by small aircraft were caused by long, thin artificial objects as power lines because they are often very difficult to find by pilot …

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Swarm technologies enable militaries to employ them for ISR, force protection and precision firepower

Criminals and militants have now started using swarm of commercial available drones thereby engancing their effectiveness and lethality. Military is also developing swarms for many applications including ISR, decoys or as swarm of weapons. Swarms are expected to be effective even in A2/AD environments.   Instead of being individually directed …

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Researchers studying Neutrinos, the mysterious particles for limitless renewable energy to neutralise nuclear bombs

Neutrinos are some of the most mysterious particles in the universe. They’re strange, exotic bits of matter that are emitted by some nuclear reactions, and travel through space at nearly the speed of light. Trillions of them are created by the sun every second, and when they reach the Earth …

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US DOD developing Fuel Cells to power Military Vehicles, UAVs , Submarines, Military Bases to Soldier wearables

A fuel cell is a device that generates electricity by a chemical reaction. It converts hydrogen and oxygen into water, and in the process also creates electricity. Fuel cells provide many advantages, they are environment friendly as they don’t produce pollutants or greenhouse gasses, significantly improving our environment, high energy efficiency ( …

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US Army planning Future Brigades able to Fight for a Week Without Resupply

Just as the Army shifts its priorities to fighting in more domains than ever before and training for major combat operations against capable rivals, so too must its logistics harden, speed up and adapt to a challenging warfighting landscape.   Lt. Gen. Aundre Piggee, the Army G-4, told an audience …

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Multiferroics and spin-orbit materials for Internet of things and AI

The need for more energy-efficient computers is urgent. The Department of Energy projects that, with the computer chip industry expected to expand to several trillion dollars in the next few decades, energy use by computers could skyrocket from 3 percent of all U.S. energy consumption today to 20 percent, nearly …

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Optical or Photonic sensor technology incomparable for detection of biological, chemical and nuclear agents, structural damage, and military wearables

Sensors allow humans to feel and understand their world, and their development lays the foundation for the fulfillment of information society and has formed a huge industry. Photonic sensors are defined as sensors that sense, emit, receive and convert the light energy into electrical signals. Photonics sensors deal with the …

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