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Generative Design is new design method that uses AI to produce optimum forms for products autonomously

Manufacturing today benefits from three waves of innovation: new production techniques (like 3-D printing), new design methods (like generative design, also driven by A.I.) and new materials, said Marco Annunziata , Co-Founder of Annunziata.   These three waves of innovation are interdependent and mutually reinforcing: 3-D printing allows us to …

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Worldwide race for Wonder material Graphene, in commercial, energy, aerospace and defence sectors

Graphene is a 1-atom-thick layer of tightly bonded carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Graphene the world’s first 2D nanomaterial, is widely regarded as the “wonder material” of the 21st century due to the combination of its extraordinary properties. As a single layer of graphite, it is the thinnest …

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With China rapidly militarizing Quantum technologies, U.S. Army funding assessment of military potential of quantum/Electronic Warfare (EW) based threats

A global race has ensued to exploit and operationalize quantum technologies for the use of military effects. Quantum information science (QIS),  field comprises four domains: Quantum Communication, where individual or entangled photons are used to transmit data in a provably secure way; Quantum Simulation, where well-controlled quantum systems are used …

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Hi-Resolution 4D Imaging Radar is emerging as complementary sensor to LIDAR for fully autonomous cars

Although the hardware and software technology for fully autonomous cars is ready today, the cars themselves may still be a decade or more away, vehicle experts said at the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The challenge for automakers and suppliers lies in test and validation, as well …

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On Chip squeezed light sources for highly accurate Quantum navigation sensors and quantum key distribution.

GPS hacking and spoofing have made headlines around the world in recent years, from researchers successfully hacking a yacht’s navigation to bring it off its programmed course to the discovery of dozens of Russian ships whose GPS signals indicated they were on land when they were in fact out on …

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Indian army developing capability to fight multi-domain, technology dominated battlefields of the future

The Indian Army is the third largest army in the world in terms of size, based on the number of personnel. But this description obfuscates the fact that it is not as powerful as what such a portrayal should signify, in terms of its capacity to undertake military operations optimally …

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Militaries testing new camouflage solutions for enhanced protection and survivability of troops and tanks from visual detection

Military camouflage has been the subject of continuous improvement and research for over 100 years – ever since the realisation that, supplying troops and equipment with colours matching the ambient environment could lead to improved protection and survivability.   A variety of camouflage being developed now is aimed at hiding …

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Shipping companies and US Navy experimenting with drones for delivering cargo autonomously

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), which are going through a massive development phase, are finding their purpose in the shipping industry as well. In the shipping industry, drones have typically been used for security, environmental surveillance, emergency response, search and rescue missions, as well as various vessel inspections. Now Shipping companies …

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Ultra-thin membrane Flexible Lasers could be used as wearable CBRN sensors, Chip spectroscopy to data-communication

Organic semiconductors enable the fabrication of a range of lightweight and mechanically flexible optoelectronic devices. Organic LEDs, solar cells, and field-effect transistors are now routinely made in bendable or even stretchable formats and with extremely low specific weights.   Most organic semiconductor lasers, however, have remained rigid and relatively bulky …

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USAF requires Seamless multi-domain communications “network of networks” fabric across C2ISR enterprise for implementing multi domain operations

Developing and delivering air superiority for the highly contested environment in 2030 requires a multi-domain focus on capabilities and capacity, according to the unclassified version of the Air Superiority 2030 Flight Plan.  “After 25 years of being the only great power out there, we’re returning to a world of great …

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