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3D printing could be next tool to be exploited by terrorists by printing guns, RAND calls it Disruptive threat

3D printing or additive manufacturing is ongoing revolution in manufacturing with its potential to fabricate any complex object and is being utilized from aerospace components to human organs, textiles, metals, buildings and even food. Additive manufacturing, is defined by ASTM International as the process of joining materials together, layer by …

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Military employing LIDAR in Driverless vehicles, Battlefield Visualization, Mine Hunting, Imaging through forests

Lidars (Light Detection and Ranging) are similar to radars in that they operate by sending light pulses to the targets and calculate distances by measuring the received time.  The  key advantages of  LIDAR is  its superior accuracy and its ability to see through masking items, such as leaves, trees, and …

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High profile Events have become preferred targets for Terrorists, comprehensive security demand proper security measures and new technologies

On 22 May 2017 a suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device, packed with nuts and bolts to act as shrapnel, in the foyer area of the Manchester Arena. The Manchester Arena bombing was an Islamist terror attack in Manchester, United Kingdom as people were leaving Manchester Arena following a …

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DARPA SECTR developing cost-effective seekers for PGMs that will identify and engage moving targets in a contested environment

Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs), and other so-called “smart” weapons, have established themselves as a key military technology against targets whose destruction requires a high degree of precision. PGMs may include Bomb or missile that can be aimed and directed against a single/multi targets, relying on external guidance or its own …

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US Navy’s electromagnetic catapult (EMAL) finishes Load testing on Ford Aircraft carrier, China also claims breakthrough

The Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) is a type of aircraft launching system currently under development by General Atomics for the United States Navy. EMALS uses electrical energy to propel Aircraft by converting electric energy into kinetic energy.  The system launches carrier-based aircraft by means of a catapult employing a …

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U.S., Britain blame Russia for global cyber attack targeting Network Infrastructure Devices

The United States and Britain in 2018 accused Russia of launching cyber attacks on computer routers, firewalls and other networking equipment used by government agencies, businesses and critical infrastructure operators around the globe. Network infrastructure consists of interconnected devices designed to transport communications needed for data, applications, services, and multi-media. Routers …

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Pan EU Defence Fund aims to enhance interoperability, industry cooperation, strategic autonomy, and foster innovation

European Defence Fund, which was established in 2017 with the aim to coordinate and increase national investment in defence research and to improve interoperability between national forces. European Union policymakers have backed plans that will see the organization financially support the European defense industry in an effort to promote new …

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DARPA’s Lagrange developing optimization algorithms for uncertain, dynamic, multiscale settings like Real time neuroimaging data

Mathematical optimization is a branch of applied mathematics that in the broadest senselooks for best solution with regard to some criterion from some set of available alternatives. The advent of the digital computer and a tremendous subsequent increase in our computational prowess has increased the impact of optimization in our …

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Spintronic Magnetic Sensors have unique adavantages in current sensing, vehicle detection, bio detection for IoT and radar detectors for military

In quantum mechanics, spin is an intrinsic form of angular momentum carried by elementary particles. Spintronics is “A branch of physics concerned with the storage and transfer of information by means of electron spins in addition to electron charge as in conventional electronics.” Spin-based electronics focuses on devices whose functionality …

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New Technologies enabling Solar Powered Stratospheric drones for Global Internet, 5G wireless and Military Surveillance

Aerospace companies including Facebook, Boeing and Google have been trying for years to create a solar-powered plane that can fly at high altitudes for years at a time, and can provide broadband communication services. They could have many uses, for example acting as a relay station for communications in emergencies such …

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