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U.S. Army developing smart munitions for future weapons like rail gun that can chase a Tank or a Fighter Jet

Gun-launched guided munitions are of tremendous interest to the U.S. Army. These technologies offer more accuracy, extended range through glide, more favorable terminal approach for lethality, and the ability to engage advanced threats like partially hidden (defilade) and moving ground and air targets. Current gun-launched guided munition technologies are limited to indirect …

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Next Generation AI and Robots can reproduce and Replicate themselves

Artificial intelligence expert George Zarkadakis believes robots could have sex with each other to evolve and produce superior offspring and this scary new world could be closer than we might imagine. He predicts that humans could even breed with machines to create new hybrid species. Mr Zarkadakis said robots that …

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China develops chip that allows for two-dimensional Quantum walks, have exponential superiority in quantum searching and quantum simulation applications

Quantum walks are the quantum version of classical random walks, which are a mathematical means for describing a natural random walk, e.g., simply wandering around randomly.   In a “classical random walk”, you could imagine someone starting at the centre of a city, and making a random decision at each …

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DARPA develops Testbed to test space warfare strategies integrated with air, cyber, land, and maritime domains

As the space domain has become more congested and militarized  the potential for intentional and unintentional threats to space system assets has increased. To mitigate these threats, the Department of Defense (DOD) has undertaken a variety of initiatives to enhance its network of sensors and systems to provide space situational awareness …

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DARPA’s APT to transform genetic modified plants into military sensors of chemical, biological, radiological, and electromagnetic signals.

DARPA has launched a new surveillance program which plans to use genetically engineered plant as battlefield surveillance sensors. DARPA’s new Advanced Plant Technologies (APT) program looks to seemingly simple plants as the next generation of intelligence gatherers. Traditional sensors are not always optimal for  obtaining timely, accurate information as national security …

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US and China to deploy quantum ghost imaging sensors on battlefield and satellites for stealth plane tracking

China is developing a new type of spy satellite using ghost imaging technology which could spot stealth aircraft and see through smokescreens and camouflage.   Ron Meyers, quantum physicist at the Army Research Laboratory. Meyers explained ghost imaging, a technique that allows a high resolution camera to produce an image …

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Police use stingray, a secretive phone surveillance technology to solve crimes or foil a terror attack

Smartphones carried by most people depend on cell site or cell tower for their operation.  A cell site or cell tower is a cellular telephone site where antennae and electronic communications equipment are placed — typically on a radio mast, tower, or other raised structure — to create a cell …

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DARPA exploring the convergence of biology and electromagnetics for military communications and sensing

Radio frequency waves (RF) are electromagnetic waves between the frequencies of 3 kilohertz to 300 gigahertz, used in radio, cellphones, wi-fi, radar, GPS, and many other systems. While humans have used RF technology to communicate for over 100 years, no living organism has ever been observed using RF to communicate …

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US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) designed counter asymmetric threats, now upgraded with power projection capabilities for A2/AD environment

The US Navy’s $35+ billion “Littoral Combat Ship” program is intended to create a new generation of affordable surface combatants that could operate in dangerous shallow and near-shore environments, while remaining affordable and capable throughout their lifetimes. The littoral combat ship is a modular, reconfigurable ship, with three mission packages …

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‘Ratnik’ system improving the battle space situation awareness, connectivity, survivability and combat effectiveness of Russian Army

The vision for the future soldier is to be combat effective and also highly mobile, adaptive, networked, sustainable with total battle space situation awareness and information assurance. Therefore, he is equipped with night- vision goggles, radios, smartphones, GPS, infrared sights, a laptop as well as batteries to power them.   …

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