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Versatile Vertical Launching Systems on US, Russian and Chinese Ships for firing anti-air, anti-submarine and anti-air Missiles

A vertical launching system (VLS) is an advanced system for holding and firing missiles on mobile naval platforms, such as surface ships and submarines. Each vertical launch system consists of a number of cells, which can hold one or more missiles ready for firing. Typically, each cell can hold a …

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DARPA’s ultrahigh speed Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) to improve performance of Radar, Electronic Warfare and Communications

Our society is highly connected through various digital services. However, much of the information we exchange and process is of an analogue nature in its origin. Analogue-to-digital conversion is thus already an integral part of our modern digital society. Digital signal processing is a powerful technique for storing, analysing and …

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Hover bike, world’s first flying motorcycle transforming into US DOD’s Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle

The Department of Defence has shown off a prototype of its ‘hoverbike,’ a rectangular shaped quadcopter that has been named the Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle, or JTARV. ‘Anywhere on the battlefield, Soldiers can potentially get resupplied in less than 30 minutes,’ said Army researcher Tim Vong. SURVICE and Malloy are working …

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US Navy quest for developing Ultra-High-Speed Navy Vessel by developing technologies including super cavitation

Researchers at Penn State Applied Research Laboratory are developing a new system using a technique called supercavitation. Supercavitation is the use of cavitation effects to create a bubble of gas inside a liquid large enough to encompass an object travelling through the liquid, greatly reducing the skin friction drag on …

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